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We people always have our own way to motivate ourselves especially the times we were so down. We lift ourself up by reading motivational qoutes, talking to our friends, or going infront of the mirror and tell yourself that “you can do it”. But there is always a time qoutes doesn’t work anymore, your friends will not be available to help you, and even if you tell yourself a hundred times that “you can do it” it will not work anymore… And when that time comes what kind of motivation should I use to lift up myself?

I don’t really feel anything it is like there is something wrong with me. I feel so empty. I feel like I’m drowning with my own thoughts. I already lost my strength to do what I have to do and I already lost my will to finish everything that I’ve started…

The most painful part is that it happen unexpectedly. Why did I say unexpectedly because this morning I’m still feeling okay but at night it feels like all the negative energy just poured to me and it’s sad because I have no one to consult too even if I start reading a bunch of motivational qoutes it’s not working and it kills me because I really dont know what is happening inside me I just feel so empty….

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