Self Talk About Her

If she only knew what lies in my heart for her, I’d think she’d be a little more open to accepting to the idea of us. I don’t want to really express how I feel for if its not reciprocated then my feelings would be crushed. Thought it could be an infatuation or just plain lust but I scratched those thoughts for the way my heartbeats when she responds to text or answers when I call. When I get to see her, I feel as if I am seeing somebody truly “amazing”. She probably knows how I feel and if she ever asked I wouldn’t hesitate to tell her. Why only if she asks? Good question and my answer to that is because she wants to know. Wouldn’t you want to tell her before another catches her heart, mind, body and soul? Ummmm yes/no! Gotta make up your mind bro! I know! So I will tell her how I feel and what then? Nothing! She knows now so it nothing you can do but be you regardless of the outcome. That’s real crappy advice you’re giving me right now. Well it not for if she reciprocates than you move forward to see where it goes but if it not then you move forward with what y’all do have plus that feeling of how you feel about her being off our heart and soul. OUR!!! Yeah I’m the inner you! I try to talk you into doing something out of the ordinary that scares you like ummm tell that woman how you feel dude. Talking to myself got me feel crazy. Well you wouldn’t be right now if you would just tell that lady.

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