Self Image in Reflections of perspective.

there’s times in this world where we feel just a little bit of the same but different as to what are habits make of us, is there any way we can just be ourselves and love who we are without compare or judgement just to feel as to “fit in”, i mean this is all just a perspective of how we see ourselves in others peoples eyes, why don’t we just step back and look in the mirror and trust its true potential in its own perspective, its great knowing that the reflection in front of us doesn’t judge, criticize or laugh at the way we look, stand tall my friends and fellow acquaintances because we all seem to fit to “Mirror Mirror on the wall who do you see most of all?” but lets just agree that there’s always a little magic in all of us, we just cant see it, only the mirror can reflect it enough for you to look for it. well in all in all be yourself and love who you are in the end. because only you can love yourself better than anyone.

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