Seemingly Estranged But Knowing

To standstill forever,

Resting in the dark,

A life not moving ever,

Far from the river bank.

They say nothingness is a teacher,

What have we learned so far,

Decades seems wasted,

Hope has gone to the farthest star.

There must be a place in the universe,

Where we are all stuck and waiting,

Where nothing makes sense,

A life no longer worth living.

The search for meaning is never-ending,

What is the purpose of it all,

To exist like this is boring,

Sometimes it’s better when we fall.

To feel the same way everyday,

Numb and stoned and hopeless,

The ordinariness killing us,

Yet we sense the endlessness.

We know forever is in our midst,

The passage of time is what burdens,

We only look forward to little feasts,

The only times our hearts are gladdened.

We wonder what the end will be,

It all depends on the moment,

When we suffer senselessly,

We can’t rise above the torment,

Seldom do we see the light of life,

Shining in all its glory,

In this we sense the heavenly hype,

A relief in a tragic story.

A connection to greater things,

Beyond the realm of reality,

Is the saving grace with wings,

To make this life more heavenly.

To a child like me it’s so easy,

To find a way in this dark world,

For me we’re here already,

Just let the next age unfold.


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