Secret of Surviving 3 years of Covid 19 and M RNA treatment of covid 19 Cancer HIV

Priscilla and I co-founded the Breakthrough Prize to celebrate scientists at the forefront of discovery. This year, I’m especially excited by the work laureates Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman did to help create the Covid vaccine. Their research started decades ago to learn how to use mRNA’s ability to teach cells to make proteins in order to cause an immune response. Their efforts paved the way to use mRNA in the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, and opened the door to use mRNA in future vaccines and treatments for diseases — including potentially HIV and cancer. Congrats to all the 2022 Breakthrough Prize winners! By Mark Zuckerberg

Now HIV Cancer and Covid 19 can be treated with M RNA

The one who encoded first journey towards Mars from USA is same as my name and gave successfully escorted spacecraft coding on red planet Mars…

God reveal miracles human replicate the miracles to perform them scientifically..

Gaseous and air pollution is cause of Green House effect heated up waves return to victim region instead of leaving that place towards the space Surface of gaseous block them and they return to heat up environment plant more and more trees to clean air pollution.

Covid 19 resulted from water pollution contaminated water resulted in covid 19

China 🇨🇳 is follower of confuscious and as such he is a philosopher not an apostle he invented a religion that entire China follow…

Covid 19 Torment inflicted God’s wrath on Chinese living with perception of confuscious Hence the wrath of God Covid pendemic entire world…Confuscious is philosopher of life but this philosophy is not divinely intuitive.

Clean your environment to live in your habitat

As cleanliness is half faith of humans God Says

To tell the truth I used face mask every time

I have eaten oranges too much to increase immunity of defense system

But if you are effected with covid and your defense system has removed it your antibodies have been produced in your body

These will fight up against any new attack

Same is known as vaccination that prepare antibodies before any attack of virus

But in my case I remained unvaccinated for longer time if I had been infected then my defense system might have removed it after that antibodies might have immunised my body

I got Jab of Sinovac when government made it compulsory but even than I faced no side effects

So my blood blasma is now an antidote

Covid in China 🇨🇳 was spread with polluted sea water in short with water pollution and Isreal is 100 percent Corona free and vaccinated

Covid 19 is not a DNA virus it is RNA virus and when it is vaccinated it mutates into mutants like Delta Virus and reinfect the blood but antibodies get acquainted to reproduce adjusted antibodies.

The complexion of my body and face is in strong contrast because it is definining my mental ailment Because my brain exerts greater labour and it require more metabolism and energy it consumes it from my face hence greater oxygen consumption from my face makes my face lose its natural pigment some times it is red some times brown some times yellow when my brain gets in relaxed and effortless condition the better oxidative face appear fair and fresh.

I became patient of stress and deep depression when I was struck on head by younger brother while training him athleticism I started getting good at..

This stress severely effected my appetite and resultantly digestive hormones secretion was effected hence that stress created hysteria in me I will not be married….dangerous ejaculations made me bone Skelton weak and those head shots had already made me short term memory loss patient

Hence excessive stress resulted in loss of digestive ability and excessive ejaculations resulted in leaness of muscles

But miracle was my exceptionally academically performing brain that was self rehabilitating before getting psychedelic to end intuitive thoughts deemed as schizophrenia so as angels have to land to evidence intuition That academic rehabilitating mind diagnosed Anorexia Urged Hepatic successful treatment and employed Artificial Intelligence to psychedelic Brain

Due to mistake of my elder brother I was burnt in bioling milk it severely effected my erectile muscles these recovered into lizard fucking style and that regeneration is a Miracle that never happened before that’s why world call me superman but although I have came out of deep depression but unlike for any women it was because of horrific circumstances created for me and My body and head hairs moustaches and beard is white and I don’t have any women in my life to construct Taj Mahel for Apprehension and deep depression has made me before time old

The IQ rehabilitation of my brain is an other miracle that has been degraded by poor handwriting thoughts distortion tactics shortage of money and resources and eventually biologically effecting brain functioning by making it psychedelic declaring my thoughts process schizophrenia. And I get easily lost now anywhere

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