Science of Magnification of sensory perception strength to Nerve impulses in brain 🧠 with Artificial Intelligence

A teamwork is not those who walk on two feet work together and they produce synergy but those who walk on one foot and despite the fact he has to be escorted is not placed nearby approachable duty station You are biased in your normal perception of visible reality because international human rights watch and international laws will never free you to formulate inhumane laws instead of increasing medical screening at work place of employees and children such as loud hearing poor eye sight speech disorder poor coordination between gut and brain Social retardation Autism Dementia young age Asperger syndrome Young age Alzheimer Disease and employ Artificial Intelligence Medical Digital devices to help them return to normal life among normal people among amputees Artificial Intelligence Digital limbs implant Artificial Intelligence is Artificial Sensory Perception that penetrate in nerve impulses of patient and Mirror strength fully perceptible sensations to brain and brain perceive these signals more vividly passing through our weak sensory perception and we perceive A scence with greater perceptible strength on TV as compared to our naked eyes or it’s healthy lenses.

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