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Schizoaffective disorder

Schizoaffective disorder is a mental disorder in which a person experiences a combination of schizophrenia symptoms, such as hallucinations or delusions, and mood disorder symptoms, such as depression or mania.


This is what I have, and it is really hard to deal with sometimes.

It is hard to just try to function like a normal human being.

3 thoughts on “Schizoaffective disorder”

  1. My brothers friend has this. He spends most of his time living on the streets because …..I don’t really know. But he doesn’t have to….he comes from a financially well off family. He isn’t consistent with his medications so he uses drugs. My brother is always there for him when he needs someone.

    I hope things get easier for you.

    1. I’m always good on taking my meds, but they aren’t a cure, nor work one hundred percent. there are some days that some of them don’t work to well.
      Not every medication works the same on every one, so it was a long process to find the right ones that suited me the best.
      Its hard to get the right medication because it’s not just one disorder, I need something for schizophrenia, something for depression, mood stablizers, and sleep meds.
      I do have some help, I have a great psyciatrist, and a very helpful therapist, but even so, I still have some days that are really hard to function.

      1. I am currently a nursing student and I must applaud you for recognizing that these medications take time to work and they don’t solve all the problems. Kudos to you for continuing to work with your health care team. There are support groups that might help when you are having those rough days. I would look into your local area. I am proud of you for taking charge of your health and I hope that with time, things will continue to get easier for you.

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