Saviour of Tortured Souls

I didn’t really know where I was going with this picture, in the end I generally go with the feel of all layered composites and what they collectively are telling me.

Software: Affinity Photo Editing. Creation Date: 2019

OS: Windows 10

2 thoughts on “Saviour of Tortured Souls”

  1. That’s really cool. Did you create this art?

    Also, If you include it in the post as a “featured image” then it will also show up at the top of your post summary that appears on homepage blogs page, etc..

    Wit nice art like this it should be featured. you can still include it in the post itself too fyi

  2. Thanks Ben.
    I played around with the featured image, and I think I got it right – at least it now appears on the ‘blogs’ page.

    And yes. . .I created this with a mixture of photographs and digital painting (ectoplasm coming out of the mouth as an example) I also added special effects which I also created to enhance the image. It’s very time consuming but highly rewarding when one gets it right.

    27 individual layers were composited/edited/flattened/ to create the finished single picture.

    Thanks for the compliment.

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