Sassy sweet: ring them bells

today II had a VA visit, follow up, 54 months cancer free with Oncology. First time visiting VA wearing mask. Place virtually empty, visually. Clinics and staff relocated all over facility since last visit. Did blood draw as usual and triaged by nurse to wait in exam room for nurse practitioner who came in, asked me a few questions, standard fare, w/o any physical exam, suddendly announcing, ” I have good news for you.”

I just stared, expressionless beneath my mask as she announced, ” you don’t have to come here anymore, unless you want to. We don’t need to see you anymore…” holding back the subtle teardrop trying to escape the corner of one eye,felling as if I am in a trance, speechless,..thankful for the mask concealing my dumbfound face. ” Go ring the bell loudly on your way down the hall..”

Yay, ding ding tingling. I heard screams of approval and support behind me as I made my way to the elevator, in shock, grateful, relieved, exhausted.

I made my way out to the car where my sisters were waiting for the 45 minute trip home..

Turn key, rrrrrreverr, kaput, car won’t start.

Elation subdued, phone calls many, credit card numbers, phone calls, tow truck, car rental.

Finally home, three hours later, fell asleep in recliner…

The end, this time.

Napppp, zzz

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