Santa Ana Winds AGAIN

Looking west towards the ocean.

When we get this weather I am always looking out for signs of smoke. At this point the Skys were clear and LUCKILY we had no fires.

Looking south at smoke in Mexico

I was watching local news about how our power company was cutting power to homes out in the mountains to prevent fires in the high winds and they reported a fire across the border. I went out and saw the smoke. The smoke was heading west.

Smoke over the ocean

And there went the clear day.

I know it sounds odd…but smoke can make a beautiful sunset. I know I told my being trapped at work for a few days story during our 2001 fires. But when we tried to get home we were directed down roads with fallen trees that we had to drive around …and there were so many little fires inside so many trunks of these old big oak trees. It was beautiful. I admit being traumatized for a few years since that fire. There was a point traffic stopped and fire was coming over a mountain and I was planning an escape route in my head. Where could I run? Cars were not moving. Anyhow…. 18 years later I still get a little anxiety when these winds start.

I think about how I remember saying to myself growing up….Why do those people keep moving back or rebuilding in Hurricane prone areas or in Tornado Alley when the news would cover all the death and destruction. And I imagine people say the same about us in California. Why do we live in Fire prone areas….or how we stay with these Earth Quakes? Makes you really think about it.

Just rambling ….. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Lovely images of your surrounding area.
    And yes. What with spontaneous fires, horrific winds, and earth quakes, it does make one wonder why people live in such risky places. I suppose that the stats support it to be a relatively safe area to live in but, it must play havoc to real estate prices?

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