sad…Alone again, naturally

too many things slamming against my brain…all are telling me that i’m better off alone…even long distance relationships with my kids are better, even when we’re in the same room~

Family…what family?





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  1. I wish I knew what to say to make you feel better. Being alone sucks when that’s not what you want. I understand way too well, what it feels like to not be able to shut your brain off – when you don’t want to think any more about what is making you feel sad or lonely or tired. Just know that I am looking forward to hearing from you, to get to know you through your writing. Until tomorrow…

    1. thanks S…it’s not that per se’. it’s that i’m realizing that i need to be alone. it doesn’t take a load of bricks to figure that out, ok..ya i guess it does…i’m a born caregiver, but when you realize (lightbulb” that your children don’t even care, are in reality stupid, or selfish..then i’d rather be alone. i detest feeling like i’m being used; and i’m being used. i read onwe of those saying things, that fit me precisely…”live with what you can’t change, until you change what you can” or something like that…that’s what i need to do. 🙁

      1. Sounds like you have the impetus to make a revised life plan (even if it’s temporary). I hate when I get far afield of my life plan… realizing that “life happens” until I can either revise my plan to accommodate current situation or make changes to get myself back on track. Good luck and be sure to ask if I/we can do anything to help.

  2. I agree with Greunie’s comment. . . It has been a nightmare at times to “get” along with family and extended family members. A subject that has tried my soul.

  3. Relationships for me have always been easy. I think….you really have to understand not just your partner….your child….your siblings….your friends…..etc….you have to understand human nature. AND understand yourself.
    I also feel you have see it as…everyone was brought into our lives for a reason.

    I think….everyone should experience being alone for a bit in their lives. Its really not bad. You come to appreciate the time ….the space….its a time to be a little selfish and pamper you. Not just the physical you….but the mental you too.

    My fingers veered off a bit….. sorry 😉

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