Sad About Thoughts

So they just up and got rid of without letting us bring over our post etc… I’m going to miss thoughts for I have been on that site since 2012.


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  1. I was a member at thoughts since 2009 and I’m missing the way it used to be when Ben had a hired staff and there wasn’t any spam, and members could meet each other in person…….those were the days!! Sure hated to see that site end. 🙁


    1. Same here,, I was a member of since 2009. When I joined the site was like a welcoming community. The site set up was different than the members that came a year or two later saw. We even had a chat box we could reach out to our friends with and chat in real time. And the staff Ben had were more than happy to help if a site working issue arose. And if you needed help with something, a simple private message to a staff member was all it took. Progress sometimes has a suck factor of 100.

  2. @Aaron Johnson

    Aaron, I am glad you are here trying to make the best of this situation.

    I see it as….my friends and I meet at the same tea house once a month to catch up on our lives. If our favorite tea house closed down and the owner opened another across town….we would go and give it a fair shot. The most important thing to remember is the reason we meet up. We meet up to talk…laugh….enjoy deep conversation and silly banter. We can do that anywhere really. Its the same here at Thinkr. The layout may be different….it has a different name. But Ben still owns it and the same people are here and more are trickling in.

    The people make the place. Not the color theme or the layout.
    So hang in there Aaron….it can only get better.


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