“Roses are red, violets are blue, milk eggs coffee”

My bed was so comfortable this morning I decided the best plan of action after work was to get right back in it. Walked my little fur guy, ate some nasty fried ‘nuggets’, regretted that immediately, waited to see if it would come back up… waited… waited… it didn’t, wished it did, finally felt better, and am now lying here watching That’s 70s Show on Netflix while I jot something down. I need distraction at all times to not drown in myself so after this I might just do some work from home — er, from bed.

Today I scheduled what I’m hoping will be my final dentist appointment before I can finally get my braces on. I’m very excited. But I have said this before and then something happens where, oh no, you still need to get this and this and that done… So we’ll see how that goes. As with all, expect the worst. So anyways, I get a tooth pulled on Valentines Day which makes me giggle for some reason.

I’ve decided to keep my realest posts private simply because I tend to regret my words later. It’s nice to know I’m not just talking to a journal where the words are stuck; this allows my thoughts to be heard and made real but at the same time I’d like to keep my worst thoughts and comments to myself. So to avoid my own upsetting, I will just write it out and allow my eyes only. Who would understand better anyway?

Anywho, as Fez would say: Good day! …I said good day!



3 thoughts on ““Roses are red, violets are blue, milk eggs coffee””

  1. It’s good to know someone can benefit from the “privacy” feature here on Thinkr.

    I remember having braces 33 years ago.
    My lips hurt just thinking about those days.
    Always ask for extra wax.

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