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Robin Roberts, anchor at Good Morning American, ABC, broadcast some kind of wedding event with her in it and….;

All I can say this is another example of how perverted our society has become and how low into the sewers our values have dropped thanks to the liberal left, the left news media and those in it have become, and with no little part played by the psycho Hollywood crowd and the socialist/communist democrats and all their wacko followers and supporters and groups who identify with the extreme left, ie. feminist, pro drug, pro abortion, transgender sex change types.

All one can say or do to describe her so called wedding event is, disgusting, degenerate, perverted, sick dysfunctional people. Only some human beings can thumb their noses at nature, all natural process that ensure the health, viability and survival of the human species. Any wonder they all identify with the left and the socialist/communist democrats? Not really. Nature will have the last laugh. Unfortunately so many good people will go down with them.

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