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Right wing irony in action

“I refuse to wear the mask that MSM tells me to wear because freedom…oh, and because Hannity and Limbaugh told me not to because freedom.

Same knuckleheads who have been proudly self identifying as “dittoheads” for over 25 years while calling other people “sheeple,” because Limbaugh calls people “sheeple.”

Psst, no one tell righties what “ditto” means.

5 thoughts on “Right wing irony in action”

  1. Hey, I like freedom…the freedom to live without coughing my lungs up because I was careless and refused to wear a mask to protect others…and to keep distance to protect myself.

      1. 🙂 you certainly have a way with words. I know I would rather take advice from Fauci or some medical person than from a blowhard on a political channel or the man in the White House who is consistently wrong about everything. But hey, whatever floats their boat. As long as they stay away from me and mine, i am happy.

    1. I honestly dont believe the American flag means anything to Trump supporters. More effective would be a mask made of money. Money is the God of Trumplandia

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