Replicas: 7th Heaven: Backing Sand-Banking our Future

William Foster is a brilliant neuroscientist who loses his wife, son and two daughters in a tragic car accident. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, William comes up with a daring and unprecedented plan to download their memories and clone their bodies. As the experiment begins to spiral out of control, Foster soon finds himself at odds with his dubious boss, a reluctant accomplice, a police task force and the physical laws of science.

One of the most dazzling sights in the Cayman Islands is the radiance of a sand yard, usually found surrounding a Caymanian Cottage and featuring white sand, neatly tamped down and sprinkled with various isolated plants, adorned with conch shells and bordered by picket fences.

Currently my home celebrates such an exquisite feature which was not easy to create.

Have you ever actual tried carrying the sand from the beach? Believe me, it is not as glamourous as the final results. But it was worth it!

The Caymanian sand yard has become one of the many symbols of the landscape and there’s an earlier tradition known by many Caymanians of “backing sand” which was done with baskets to add new white sand to brighten the existing sandy areas at Christmas time.

Some believed the sand yard idea was brought here by African slaves who would have been familiar with the practice in their homeland. Others say it was initiated by the early British settlers since the white sand was reminiscent of the snow from their country. Very interesting concept.

However, whatever the origin, sand yards can still be seen in the Cayman Islands, including my front yard, along with the sizzling beauty of our gloriously famous 7 Mile Beach!

Nevertheless, that was then, this is now the year 2019. Perhaps they were backing sand then, but I strongly believe we need to not only back our future as adults but we MUST back our children’s future now! Some of them may even turn out to be a neuroscientist someday!

But on a serious note, help us to be faithful and bear true allegiance to her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, her heirs and successors according to law.

William Foster is a brilliant neuroscientist who loses his wife, son and two daughters in a tragic car accident. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, William comes up with a daring and unprecedented plan to download their memories and clone their bodies. As the experiment begins to spiral out of control, Foster soon finds himself at odds with his dubious boss, a reluctant accomplice, a police task force and the physical laws of science.

Remember all the schools in the Cayman Islands are important! These are the institution where all Cayman’s children will be educated, empowered and strengthen! I’d like to think of them as Intergenerational Equity.

See my previous article:

Intergenerational Equity: Protecting the Future of Cultural Continuity

I personally believe that and have committed my time to doing my part as a mentor for a few years now at the John Gray High School and will continue to mentor and guide as many young Caymanians as I can.

I also find joy in sharing with my readers any information that I find to be useful or simply entertaining. I know I enjoy reading other people’s articles.

You are probably familiar with the term’s “introvert” and “extrovert,” and you may even identify yourself as one or the other, but sometimes people are not aware of the actual meaning of each.

According to Meyers & Briggs, the terms introversion and extroversion were originally coined by the founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung, to describe the way in which a person finds energy.

Extroverts tend to recharge by looking outside of themselves, with other people and external activities, while introverts tend to recharge within themselves, through their thoughts and time spent alone.

People experience moments of both extroversion and introversion, but have a tendency to lean towards one or the other. You could also be somewhere in-between, a term known as an ambivert.

According to an article I read in the Caymanian Compass a few years ago, the term ambivert was first used by social scientists in the 1920’s to describe someone who is neither exceptionally introverted nor exceptionally extroverted.

Did you know that communication between introverts and extroverts can sometimes lead to misunderstandings?

For example, introverts are commonly seen as shy simply because they are quiet.
The reality is that introverts may just be thinking to themselves and are content being quiet.

Shyness, on the other hand, is an apprehensive feeling. A shy person does not want to be quiet. Of course, a person can be both introverted and shy, but the two are not synonymous with one another.

Knowing whether you are an introvert, extrovert, or somewhere in-between can help you to understand your own reactions and others’ reactions to certain situations in life. Accept yourself and others, and appreciate the perspectives that both introverts and extroverts bring to the table.

Ironically studies have shown that there are benefits to connecting. Our personal growth and evolution came about as a result of connecting with our fellow humans. I can definitely think of a few human connections that I found to be quite pleasurable. Lol!

When you make new connections in the inside world- in your brain that is, this keeps you young and alert.

According to Dr. Lisa Berkman of the Harvard School of Health Sciences; she and her team carefully looked at 7,000 people aged 35 to 65, over a period of ten years.

Their study concluded that people who lack social and community ties are almost three times more likely to die of medical illness than those who have more extensive contacts. An all this is independent of Socioeconomic status and health practices such as smoking, alcoholic beverage consumption, obesity or physical activity.

I’m sorry to rain on her parade but I don’t necessarily agree with that and I bind that in the name of JESUS! Sometimes God may need you to separate yourself to recuperate.

For how long? However long it takes to heal- you do that!

On a brighter and more innovative note, below is some very useful information from Harvard:

With a massive ($ 39.2 billion) endowment, unmatched library facilities, a faculty which consist off the best and brightest from universities around the world, and students who have survived a highly selective administrative process, Harvard will remain a powerhouse of intellectual life far into the future.

What is Harvard’s endowment?

Harvard’s endowment is a dedicated and permanent source of funding that maintains the teaching and research mission of the University. Made up of more than 13,000 individual funds invested as a single entity, the endowment’s returns have enabled leading financial aid programs, groundbreaking discoveries in scientific research, and hundreds of professorships across a wide range of academic fields.

However, there is a common misconception that endowments, including Harvard’s, can be accessed like bank accounts, used for anything at any time as long as funds are available.

In reality, Harvard’s flexibility in spending from the endowment is limited by the fact that it must be maintained in perpetuity and that it is largely restricted.

I learnt that endowment gifts are intended by their donors to benefit both current and future generations of students and scholars. As a result, Harvard is obligated to preserve the purchasing power of these gifts by spending only a small fraction of their value each year.

Spending significantly more than that over time, for whatever reason, would privilege the present over the future in a manner inconsistent with an endowment’s fundamental purpose of maintaining intergenerational equity. Just like I was thinking in my previous article regarding schools and university institutions:


The school has a 5% acceptance rate. Last year, 2,037 out of 39,506 applicants were admitted making Harvard an extremely competitive school to get into with a very low chance of acceptance – even for applicants with the highest scores and grades.

Academically, it has exceptionally high requirements for admission test scores, generally admitting students who score in the top 2 percent. Harvard University typically accepts and attracts “A” average high school students. Of those applicants who were admitted, 83% chose to enroll. This indicates that admission to the school is highly desirable and it may be a primary choice for many students.

For more information visit: 


harvard crimson

The Harvard Crimson, the daily student newspaper of Harvard University, was founded in 1873. It is the only daily newspaper in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is run entirely by Harvard College undergraduates.

Harvard Gazette – Official news from Harvard University covering innovation in teaching, learning, and research. 


The academic portfolio’s editor-in-chief, John Halmaka, MD, International Healthcare Innovation Professor, Harvard Medical School, stated:

“We are happy to collaborate with the ATA to catalyze local and global initiatives and use cases to move health, delivery, and education forward, with telehealth and blockchain technology.”

the_doctor1_400x400 John Halamaka
John D. Halamka is a medical doctor. He specializes in the adoption of electronic health records and the secure sharing of healthcare data for care coordination, population health, and quality improvement.
american telemedicine

They are excited to share that the ATA has endorsed the peer review journals Telehealth and Medicine Today and Blockchain in Healthcare Today.

“Blockchain is a key driving force behind maintaining accurate, actionable healthcare data – and is an important component of where we’re headed in telehealth. The ATA is delighted to collaborate with Partners in Digital Health, as the benefits of blockchain technology are critical to our members’ success in the future,” stated Ann Mond Johnson, CEO, ATA.“Pushing the confines of pragmatic healthcare innovation and academic publication practices, these journals fill gaps with editorial missions poised for the next frontier in health and care around the world,” stated Tory Cenaj, Founder, Partners in Digital Health.

To learn more, go to

Now let’s get back to community connections. We know that other people can also take care of your needs and desires and I can think of many situations, but for me, ultimately Jesus Christ holds first place in my life, sorry, and then everybody else. Lol!

Like I said, some people can fill certain needs in your life- needs like romance, friendship, a dream job, assistance in the church, assistance in school, assistance on the job, help with family, help with the community etc.

Chances are you will need someone’s help and they might need yours to get certain needs and desires met. Therefore, I believe most of the time, connecting is good for the community. Especially if it is done in a healthy way!

After all a community is the culmination of a lot of connections, common beliefs, achievements, values, interest and geography. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were the Cayman Islands.

As I stated in my previous article, (Discover the Yellow or “Blues” in You: Royal Labor Pains), The Cayman Islands was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1503. And since the early settlors, there have been British in the 1670’s, our dependency of Jamaica back in 1863 and many Governmental changes.

Jamaica’s Fascinating History

Speaking of Jamaica’s rich history. Every third Monday of October is National Heroes Day in Jamaica. This public holiday is dedicated to the memory of Jamaica’s seven official national heroes.

This year Monday, it will be on the 21st October 2019.On National Heroes Day, six heroes and one heroine will still be remembered for their heroic deeds that led to greater freedom and economic growth and prosperity for their homeland.One of our heroes was a man by the name of Paul Bogle. 


2 note

Paul Bogle, a Baptist Deacon was generally regarded as a peaceful man who shunned violence. He believed in the teachings of the Bible, endorsing the principles of charity and endurance.

Yet he was also a leader and organizer who knew well the terrains of the land and had spent time in educating and training his followers. He lived in St. Thomas and led the Morant Bay Rebellion in 1865.Cool!

Then another one of their heroes was George William Gordon as seen below: 


10 note

George William Gordon was a free colored land owner and an associate of Bogle.

As a member of the House of Parliament, he used his position to highlight the sufferings of the people and to make a plea for changes.The Morant Bay Rebellion and the resultant deaths of Bogle and Gordon precipitated the beginning of a new era in Jamaica’s development.

The British government became compelled to make changes including outstanding reforms in education, health, local government, banking and infrastructure.

See my previous article for more of Jamaica’s fascinating history along with other countries in: Are you ready to be the next Hero? How are you represented on the bell curve?

Once again, let’s get back to community connections because although connecting is good, so are boundaries. Everyone should have boundaries. Our boundaries not only help to safeguard us and our family and friends when we may want to share quality time but it also helps us to manage our time and emotional energy.

I read another article many years ago where Benjamin Franklin describes “a perfect day” as “eight hours of work, eight hours of play, and eight hours of rest”. You have also probably heard of Einstein’s famous equation E=MC2. Apparently, the most important thing to harness is emotional energy.

Emotional Energy

It powers our mental ability to do work, to create, to calculate, to tell stories, to learn, and to grow. It also powers our friendships and our very capacity to love. Studies state that when we think of the positive emotional energy that exists in our relationships, what we’re really referring to is our self-esteem.

Every relationship “system” has a degree and quality of self-esteem to it, both contributed by individuals and as a collective whole.

There are families or even church congregation with high self-esteem and low self-esteem, corporations and universities with high self-esteem we might call it “morale” and low self-esteem, and married couples who combined have high self-esteem or low self-esteem.These levels of self-esteem correspond to the levels of positive human emotional energy present.

In physics, there are two general kinds of energy: potential energy stored in stationary, you might even say soothing or calm form (like petroleum oil), and kinetic energy that is actively spent to do work (like gasoline).

The positive emotional energy metaphorically stored in the mammalian brain also takes two forms: nurturing (or motherly) emotional energy, which is like the oil of the mind, and action-prone (or fatherly) emotional energy, which is like the gasoline of the mind. Ultimately my self-esteem is rooted and grounded in Christ!

Through Him, I have steadily been able to garner my inner strength-leaning and depending on Him, the “only one” who clearly and consistently has the power and wants to guide humanity into heaven.

So, I guess now is the time when I ask my readers, if you died today, are you sure you would make it into heaven?What would you say if God were to ask you, “Why should I allow you into heaven?”

I know you would want to be confident that you had the right answers to those two important questions.God promises eternal life for those who accept his son. John 3:16 states,

“For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten son, so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but shall have everlasting life”.

So, whether we were backing sand to brighten the traditional Caymanian yards of the past or banking and investing for our future, let’s make sure to back our future and our children’s future for our place in heaven!

Banking and Investing

Recent changes to the Cayman Islands Proceeds of Crime Law, 2017 (POCL) has clarified that persons conducting relevant financial business, whether a non-profit or an unregulated investment fund vehicle, are now required to appoint an MLRO, and an alternate, and to have a AML/CFT compliance program in place.

The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority has already been paying keen attention to the suitability of MLROs appointed by its licensees, recommending changes where it considers there is a need.

It is anticipated that the Department for Commerce and Investments will ultimately do the same, once its enforcement powers over certain members of the Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions and Non-Profit sector, is enlisted.


Under section 136 of the POCL, a person commits an offense if he does not make the “required disclosure” to the FRA or his MLRO or deputy, of a suspicion or actual knowledge of terrorist financing or money laundering that has come to his attention in the course of doing relevant financial business.

Section 137 of the POCL, also sets out the circumstances in which an MLRO commits an offense for failures to make appropriate disclosures. At the serious end of the stick, persons (including your MLRO) could find him or herself imprisoned for five years so there are real consequences.

For more information visit:

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