Repentance to God and the world at large.

I repent towards God and the public domain for the wickedness that I spewed out here on and elsewhere on the internet. I tried to sway public opinion that being lbgtq++++ was okay and that I was a female inside even though I am biologically a male. The garbage I used to write was and is false. Being part of that lifestyle was a choice I made. Then God gave me repentance, mercy and grace and I chose to serve God.

It saddens me how many people I have mislead whom bought into my crap.

For those that know and or remember me, my late wife Judy has passed away in 2019. Some of my former writing reflected a lot of grief in that marriage. I am now remarried, and it’s been a very rough ride. All I can say in this post is that I have said and thought things I never thought possible due to pride, wickedness and selfishness. I didn’t know I was capable of such wickedness since I remarried. So much so I was removed from the church that we were a part of.

Things are starting to get better, I need more repentance and healing from God. And I hope to get healing trying to write again.

Fair warning. I am modeling my life around One God and One Truth. Truth can be very offensive when we compare our life to Jesus Christ’s standards. I have fallen, but not forever.

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