Remember When?

I have realized that even though I don’t hate my job – actually it’s going pretty well – I still don’t like waking up for it. But a coworker and I already told our boss that we were switching our shifts around, and while it makes sense for me to have a day shift in the winter, the one thing I will miss is being able to sleep in and go to work.

My parents and I need to sit down and talk about how we’re going to approach the people who have just kinda started using all our stuff and to use a phrase said by someone else, “literally and figuratively shitting on our stuff.” My first goal has been to get them out of the cabin (used to be ours) and back into “their cabin” because the cabin desperately needs cleaning now (cat poop and blood on the carpet and floor, cat hurl and hair on the bed) and also there’s a lot of stuff up there that really needs to get back to the owners (before it gets pooped on) and it’s all big stuff that it would be super awkward to take while they are still in there (such as the table, the tv, the fridge, the radio, etc) . . . however, just moving them out of the one and putting them in the other doesn’t really solve anything. But the thing is that . . . we have yet to reach a consensus as to how to approach this whole thing, because of multiple reasons. 1. We don’t want to make it super weird for my boyfriend’s sister who still works with one of the people currently living there 2. I don’t want to burn a bridge so that I could never go back to VCS 3. None of us want another Tyler situation where the lawyers were threatened and friendships destroyed. 4. We all suck at confrontation and assertiveness and having conversations like this, especially since we don’t really know them all that well.

So . . . yeah. I’ve been thinking about all the ways we could use an excuse, and while some of them might work, I want to use lying as a last resort . . . but just telling them, “Hey, you’re using all our stuff, you’re at the very least not taking care of it and at the most, consciously destroying it, and having you here really doesn’t help us any and you’re actually costing us money and using our things that we could use,” would not go over well, and it also is all things that they could say that they would change in order to stay :/

Oh, and I pretty much know for a fact that they probably would be homeless if they weren’t here. They’re living on one fixed income, which can’t be all that much to begin with because the highest pay around here is $20 an hour and I’m betting the company does not pay her that because they’re cheap, and they’ve had so many car repairs that it would have most likely used all the money they would have had for rent, and they have to pay child support, and food, and other bills. So unfortunately, I think the best plan is get the woodstove hooked up in “their cabin”, have them move there for the rest of the winter, then somehow give them a deadline of when to get out come spring and summer.

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  1. Too nice. This situation will only get worse until the volcano explodes or you’re just drowning in crap cause yer worried about politics that aren’t your responsibility or here are associations you can’t escape.

    You weren’t put in this situation by choice, but by submissive allowance. I guarantee you’ll have to make actual choices to fix it

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