Relieve Panic and Anxiety


How Do You Relieve Panic and Anxiety

So here we all are in the midst of a global pandemic, people getting sick and many dying, and the tension seems to mount daily. Many of us suffering from panic and anxiety, and not sure what the next day will bring. How do you relieve panic and anxiety? I have to tell you I find it very hard to keep a positive attitude and a happy face for those loved ones around me.

One of the things I find that helps me is writing. I find when my mind is busy and I am trying to be productive, it seems to ease the tension, and the anxiety. I also find listening to some of my favorite music helps, as does watching comics on YouTube. One of the things I avoid, is watching mainstream media, and all the news outlets. Funny gifs help too!

Mainstream Media and Social Media Verbal Diarrhea

If you want to increase your stress level, just watch the news. If that doesn’t increase your panic and anxiety, you are far better than I!

just one thing about the media, it actually depends on what news outlets you watch. While most just want to give you the facts, and really are trying to help, you have certain news outlets that try to blow smoke up your ass. One of those being the FOX network.

At this very moment, they are being taken to court for lying to the public, and putting the public in danger because of their misleading broadcasts. Of course you can’t expect anything better, when Hannity is a personal friend of trumps, so spreads Trumps lies as fact daily.

FaceBook was at one time a great place to go and visit friends and family, but that has changed in the last month or so. Now it is an airing platform for those who are worried about what is happening around them, and what will happen.

Although some do post a funny meme or quote now and then. Twitter is following suit, spreading panic and at the same time many telling us to remain clam, all will be fine…

Speaking of that, that is another way to relieve panic and anxiety, you have to think positive. believe it will be fine, and do what is asked of you to do, such as self quarantining, washing your hands frequently, and stop touching yourself! I mean stop touching your face, as to touching “yourself”, it is believed that masturbation can increase your immunity. I’m sure that is good news to some!

Do Things That Make You Feel Good!

If you want to relieve panic and anxiety, do those things that make you feel good, and that keep you busy. Read a good book, exercise, cook for yourself and your spouse. Their are many things you can do to occupy your time.

The secret is to keep busy, real busy. you want to try your best to tire yourself out, so that when you go to bed, you fall asleep quickly, so you aren’t like me so very often, where I am lying for an hour or more, because my brain won’t shut down.

read a book

I created an animation yesterday to keep busy, I enjoy making videos, although I’m not the best when doing so, but it keeps me busy!

Things You Shouldn’t Do

I just want to say that I have never considered myself a political type guy, but I find myself in these last 3 years, following politics more than I have in my entire life. mainly because first, I can’t believe that the idiot that is acting POTUS, is still there, and second, why are people still supporting him?

This orange gremlin stated several times such misleading information, and he still is. So, Do Not listen to him when he is giving medical advice. He is going to get many people killed, who are looking for a quick fix. Such as it is, with a malaria cure that he is pushing as a possible solution to Covid-19. He literally silenced Dr, Fauci when the doctor tried to say that this has NOT BEEN TESTED properly yet.

This idiot should not be giving medical advice. At the present time, states are competing against other states in trying to obtain proper medical equipment for their medical personnel, and he has even favored states that the governors are kissing his fat orange ass. There is no way states should be competing against other states for this much needed equipment. It should be handed out in a manner of need.

So, take medical advice from the professionals, not idiots who are trying to get reelected… although if he keeps giving medical advice, there may not be too many idiots like he is to vote him back in… we can only hope.


4 thoughts on “Relieve Panic and Anxiety”

  1. In general some good things to get onboard with during these dark times. But out of darkness lightness will come, and I started to smile toward the end of your piece when it turned political. My smile turned into a laugh at your humorous tirade. I don’t know if you meant that last part to be funny, but it made me laugh.

  2. Some very good ideas that you are sharing in this post. My goal is to talk 10,000 steps per day. That is somewhere between 4 and 5 miles. That has the effect of tiring me out and also giving me physical exercise which helps me feel better and get though the day more easily while I am locked down due to the pandemic.

    There are also some great memes that I find funny as well as movies both on Amazon Prime and on youtube, believe it or not that I enjoy. I have also discovered tubitv which has some interesting stuff.

    And no, the only reason to listen to anything trump says about the medical advice he wants to give, is the humor of realizing that there are people who actually take him seriously and literally on this and other things as well. I decided a long time ago, that if trump suggested, I would know what NOT to try. LOL

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