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Have been out of the house/residence for a few weeks.  In and Out.  Is how I celebrate the end of summer.  Moving towards fall.  Move far enough and it is already winter.  Michigan and not yet.  Go further east and north.  Winter, even as they say, “October winds and a bit of chill.”  Over the years we get use to how it is, where we are.  Stay in the same place long enough and one would say, “Is how it is.  Deal with it.”  And each month touches another, and no matter where you are it is Christmas and New Years and other holidays, religious and not.  Is the time for me to move around.  September to March, but like to be home by the 3rd week of February.  No particular reason, but like I said, “…Over the years we get use to how it is, where we are.  Stay in the same place long enough and one would say, “Is how it is.  Deal with it.”

Moving around and bring my electronic communication gear.  Bring you with me, so to speak.  Sneak a peak.  Older now so am more discrete.  When younger I would do the same.  Sneak a peak.  Like what I see.  Would say, “….let’s hook up.”  Old habits die hard.  Keep looking around, and these days its more impersonal.  Digital and with blogs, visit comment fields and landscapes filled with what others have said.  Some is interesting and the rest just feeds a habit I have.  Social Animal.  Personal touch.  Individual express thy self, and often I do.

Have a few minutes and so I sit.   Decide to circulate.  Words become music or harmony if you are in synch, and vibrations intertwine and become one.  Has me thinking,  that I am empowered by what others say and do.  Blog world and but one example of a shared experience.  Moved from one blog site to a new one.  Takes time to adjust.  Determine who is there that you just naturally seem to get what they are saying and what they are doing.  Takes a little time to adjust, to the changing seasons and to a new place to meet and exchange energy and thought-fields with others.

Plowing the field and came across this.  Borrowed from the digital space I frequent.  “….. my worries seem so…… silly after reading your blog…..”  And one more.

“…. Like you…..   I sit and wonder.”  About them.  “Who they were.”  “Who they are.”

Is but a word set taken out of context.  If we have the time and/or energy or interest, we deal with it.  And becomes my major theme and thought for the day.  Re-Invent Thyself.  What does that even mean.  Not the person you think I am.  You read his or her blogs and get a certain impression.  Over time, it becomes as if there is a relational value here.  What is said.  What is done.  And for yourself you say or just know internally, “….  I relate.”   And maybe you do.  Over time, and we come and go.  Some adapt nicely and fill the void and make online friendships.  Then time passes.  10 years.  2007 to 2017.  Now gone.  And you wonder.  About them.  “Who they were.”  “Who they are.”

Old enough now to not make a fuss.  Put it away and store the box.  Live where space is still available.  Put my past in storage.  Bring it out if I choose.  Mostly, I do this privately and share it with no-one, but keep it as voiced memory.  “Who they were.”  And to me, those are the ones I know were special.  Special to me.

I liked who I was back then.  And I liked my friends, at least the ones I hooked up with.  Shared a moment.  Kiss and don’t tell.  Held for as long as was possible, and then released.  Catch and Release.  A fishing term.  Have the experience but release the fish/thought capsule before it expires.  Live to be caught another day.  Is how I was then and now.  Who they were.   Who they are.

And brings me full circle.  Who am I now?  What is it like to be me, or to be you.  And for a moment or two each day,  I blog about this.  My words reveal who I am, or perhaps  who you think I might be.  Habit Forming.  For a few, perhaps it is.  Have been blogging since 2006.  Then came  Face Book and other forms of social media and personal contact.  Most of the younger ones now, just TEXT.   And spend their day seeing what feedback might come their way.  For me,  it is “Who They Are.”, and what they choose to do.  I blog.  I write.  I post.  I run away. Seek another day, and do it all over again.  Habitual.

Great personalities scattered here and there, across the landscape included in my personal experience.  Some is real.  He comes and goes.  And even at his age, like this morning, somebody walks by,  and then turns around.  Gives me a hug and says, “You remind me of somebody I really cared about. Hope you don’t mind.”

And I have my say.  “You come back, you hear.”

And mean it.  Hug.  Shrug.  Run  Away.   Reinvent thyself and how we do it, this thing called life.

3 thoughts on “ReInvent ThySelf”

  1. I think….I am going to sleep on this .
    I will fly home tomorrow and get settled in.
    I will re-read this again and offer a 4 page reply.
    Most likely completely off topic but that just seems to be the way my mind flows.
    Or….it could be completely ON topic and be a sentence.

  2. @stonehead
    Fall weather……here at my home it was 92′, 82′ at the beach and the water was beautiful. It’s how it is around here. We just have to deal with it 😉
    BUT…..I want to experience fall elsewhere. Just for a day or so. To see the leaves change…and to see what others have to “deal with”
    I don’t want to become stagnate in this California weather warp.
    I mean…I don’t want to leave it. Just leave it for a day or two scattered through the fall months. We do have some trees that change colors and leaves fall off. But they usually are surrounded by green trees. I don’t really get the whole east coast autumn feel
    After I finish the fall tour…..I will repeat it all over again for the winter tour.

    (Ever watch the Traci Ulman show?)

    Back in the day when social media became a “thing”…I wasn’t apart of it. The days I got to turn off my phone and lose it somewhere were my favorite days. Social Media was the last thing I wanted to be apart of. I know it was because of my line of work. I worked in the billion dollar casino world. Thousands of guest…hundreds sometimes over a thousand team members. It’s a rush rush hectic wild fun world. Budget deadlines…..payroll….scheduling…meetings. That was just back of house. But you crave being “off stage”. You crave….blending into the wall. You crave…..silence. I couldn’t image wanting to spend my time interacting with anyone on Facebook….insta this…..myspace that. I enjoyed….keeping my circle small. Online I had one small group of people I interacted with regularly and that was on a discussion forum on AOL years ago that AOL shut down in 2009. And that group on AOL….were special to me. Which is how I relate to your friends from Thoughts being special to you. But since I joined Thoughts in 2009….I have been lucky to interact with some real characters.
    Blogging….was something I didn’t do. Discussion forums for silly banter….that was my thing. My world was serious enough. Work…raising 3 sons…cultural events…spiritual events….charity events….having a political family. So when Thoughts discarded the Forums….I cut back from Thoughts.

    I still have a few Thoughts friends on Twitter. One sadly passed away a bit ago. Not many would remember him. His name was Wartfinder.
    A rebellious character with a dirty mind and heart of gold.

    As for reinventing myself.
    Well…’s IMPOSSIBLE.
    But I will have to touch base on that later.
    I wrote so much and deleted it over and over and ended up with this small amount. But I will get back to this. Obviously I had something to say that I just need to reword.

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