reCaptcha added for new user registrations

We’ve just added reCaptcha for new user registrations to help reduce automatic account registrations by spam bots.

A special thank you to Colorado Dream and Monica for all of your help and efforts on Thinkr!

And thanks to everyone from thoughts that is making the migration over here to Thinkr. We’re all glad you’re here ๐Ÿ™‚

7 thoughts on “reCaptcha added for new user registrations”

  1. Did my posts evaporate into the ether…or can they be accessed? I would truly like to retrieve those. They were stream of conciousness and some great healing came from them. Please help?

    1. To my knowledge and understanding, Ben gave adequate warning to all Thoughts users that the site would be closing down and that anyone wishing to retrieve any or all written materials should do so in a given time frame. That time frame has long passed so it will impossible for you collect them.
      Sorry for the bad news.

  2. I was not a consistent user. I was very sporadic, so I likely missed any notifications posted on the site. I do, however, check my email religiously. I did not receive an email notification; which would have prompted me to save everything.
    I appreciate your response, Jules.

    1. I don’t think that Ben sent out emails regarding the site’s closure, he just posted an update on his own blog on Thoughts. So if you didn’t see that then you wouldn’t have seen the closure notice. I was ok; the stuff I write is mainly fictional stories so all that I do is already backed up.

        1. If I may offer a suggestion to you for future reference and, in view of keeping everything you write, then I would suggest that if you write your posts ‘live’ or ‘on the fly’ using the post editor, then it would probably be better for you to compose your blogs on ‘Wordpad’ or ‘Microsoft Office’ or any other on-board software – at least that way you’ll always have a copy to archive. I write everything using Wordpad – even short blogs, when I write them, and this site makes it easy to copy & paste your document straight into the post editor with all paragraphs intact.

  3. Thank you, Jules. I appreciate your feedback, help, and concern. I am using the screenshot feature as I post from my phone and one note to keep track of everything.

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