Reasons why cat meowing so much

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Pet owners are enjoying the feeling of being needed and close by their pets, and at the same time they are very annoyed by their disobedience. For example, what should I do if the cat keeps meowing? First of all, we have to judge why the cat meows.

Reasons why is my cat meowing so much:

1. Hunger

Cats are generally lazy and will not meow if there is no need. Usually the most common ones are hungry and thirsty. It is easier to judge. They usually have a more eager voice and will take you to the cat bowl. The hint is very obvious.

2. Estrus

If they are in the estrus period, sterilization can be used to effectively solve the situation of continuous meowing. With regard to sterilization, some owners will regard it cruel, but it is not true. This is a protection for cats, and it helps the extension of life and physical health.

3. Meowing after being touched by the owner

If the cat keeps meowing after you touch him, he means “I still want”! Cats feel satisfied with your touch, and don’t want you to leave!

4. Bored and want to play

Cats are sometimes very boring, they need the company of their owners, and they will meow at this time. It may wander in the house by itself, or it may run in front of you, meow at you and rub it against you, indicating that he is lonely. The owner needs to touch him and play a game with him.

5. Not familiar with the environment

If you move to a new environment, or when a newly bought cat comes to a new environment, it will keep meowing because of unfamiliar surroundings, he feels anxiety, and fear.

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