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Have You Read Michael Crichton?

This man is an awesome writer of fiction. I am not sure if I have ever read him before I read my prior book written by him. I highly recommend “Prey.” This book has just enough truth that it could be true, but it is not. This book scared me to death. I was up all night Friday night finishing it. My heart was pounding. It was a superb book.

If you have never read him. Try him, he is awesome. He wrote “Jurassic Park.” So if you like books that have enough truth to make them seem real, but they aren’t, read him. He can truly terrify you.

2 thoughts on “Have You Read Michael Crichton?”

  1. Hooboy, have I ever! What an amazing writer he is (not to mention producer and a bunch of other stuff)! Let’s see now…I’ve read the Jurassic Park books, Timeline, State of Fear (highly recommend!), Prey (another good one!), Sphere, Terminal Man, Next, and…um….hmmm…that might be it. I think my favourite was State of Fear. He truly is a gifted story teller. I think only Stephen King can get me flipping pages and staying up all night like Crichton can!

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