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RBG….We lost a Great one.

Such a sad day. I turned everything off to process this great loss. I was unbelievably sad and did not want to hear anything on any news channel. My heart is so heavy….. She was so remarkable.

And of course in my household we have to mix laughter in with our tears.

Josh Gad had been tweeting about the loss of RBG earlier in the evening and was so upset. And when I signed on after our earthquake I saw his tweet.

That had to be Ruth shaking things up 😉

3 thoughts on “RBG….We lost a Great one.”

  1. When I came home, yesterday, and found out she had passed, my first reaction was sadness, I actually felt tears coming up, and I NEVER do that about a public figure, either political or entertainment world. The next thing was fear and dread about who would take her place.

    1. I did cry. Have you seen RBG the documentary? LOVED it. You can appreciate her so much more. I took my sons with me to see it when it came out.
      Yeah….a very sad moment in history.

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