Rambling after midnight: words edition

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So I have this curiosity..?

I am constantly besieged by new followers, along with message requests, in the Instagram, and it kind of spins the inside of my brain sideways.

All these follows and message requests, without fail, seem to be coming from various young females, from all points of the globe, all of them doing their best to appear glamorous and sexually appealing in photos, and all of them, every single one, are unappealing and uninteresting to me.

I have no idea how to respond to their messages graciously without being offensive, and every single one of them, even from the US seems to be searching for a “soul mate.”

I am about as interested in a soul mate as I am in having crushed glass toppings on an ice cream sundae.

And I really do not enjoy socializing in any imaginable way. I am most curious how anyone would even find me on Instagram to approach me in the first place, as I rarely, as in, maybe twice a year, post anything on any of my myriad Instagram accounts.

The accounts were all created just to follow my own friends, family and people and subject materials I find interesting.

No big deal, any of it, because I pretty much block every single one of them within 10 minutes of engaging them, so I have a string page of maybe 50 block accounts.

Irrelevant. Just something to peck syllables about.

Back to Words, the game, With Friends..

Another odd curiosity.

I started playing words just the solo version, and then the original, with my sisters only. Regardless who I am playing, I only play a few words a day.

I do have maybe a handful of challengers, off and on, but I never initiate a new challenge myself.

I am the poster child for reticence, and seldom to never initiate social contact myself with other people.

Introversion, shyness, call it what you will.

At 64yo it is my identity, reclusive and solitary to the limit.

The curiosity, to me is this: is all of humanity insomniacs, like myself, or “night creatures?”

Because no matter what time of day I make a play, my partner responds with their own word usually within minutes, no matter the time of day.

And so I submit my 6/17 entry to the blogosphere.

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