Rainy daze

Lightning streaks through the dark night sky. Radiance transcends the clouds.

The smell of the possibility of rain permeates my soul.

Wistful memories of splashing and skipping in puddles along the curbs of my youth bring a small smile of remembrance.

Have you never danced in the rain? Have you never walked in the gutter? Skipped in the street? Sat quietly and pondered?

Yearning fills me with the hope of walking hand in hand. Of the quiet wonder of the stillness, standing together heads tilted toward the sky.

Maybe a kiss.

Maybe just quietly talking while we watch the rain fall, secluding us, just safe in our own little world.

12 thoughts on “Rainy daze”

  1. At first I felt melancholic when I read this. I then read it again and I felt as if something hopeful had been found. I then read it again and I felt slightly saddened. I then read it once again and I felt. . . .

    Oh darn, it’s just well written. OK!!

      1. I don’t remember ever uploading a video myself but I’m sure it can’t be that difficult. . .famous last words.

        If you select “new” up there on the top left, once the page opens you have the option to upload your files. Open your video file and try uploading it. I think that will work but I won’t swear to it.

          1. Video files can be edited in the sense that you can add text or descriptions, I don’t think the video file itself can be edited. I wish it was as simple as Thoughts was for uploading stuff – I’m sure it is but only when you get accustomed to doing it.

  2. You can also upload video files by using the “Media Library.” Click “Add new” then select your file and upload it. Once there you can then access your file from there to place within your post.

      1. Just as an experiment I tried to upload one of my music videos but I got an error and the file failed. I checked the forums and there does seem to be a bug when uploading files from personal computers rather than URL’s. It might be a browser thing as well. I will now try it again using Microsoft Edge and see if it does the same thing. The file is MP4 so by rights it should upload.

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