Raindrops keep falling………………

Today, in late afternoon, early evening, it decided to rain here in New Orleans.  I am sure what the wheather focus was, but I didn’t really expect it to rain.  But suddenly it started, and my thoughts were “well, I don’t guess I will take my trash out for an hour or two.

Well, when I decided to glance out again, this is what I saw.

Look at the car moving down the street with the water splashing up on each side.  The water is standing in the street, lapping up almost on the sidewall.

Standing in the street, can’t see the bottom, and it is coming up on the curb.

Car trying to go the opposite direction.

Another shot, this one showing cars trying to cross this street that has all the water.

2 thoughts on “Raindrops keep falling………………”

  1. Over here we call that a flash flood. There you are minding your own business when all of a sudden the expected rainfall turns into a biblical deluge and you look around for the nearest canoe!

    I’ve seen a few in my time and unfortunately, I happened to be outside for most of them.

    We’re not supposed to get tropical style weather in the UK. . .but we do.

    1. Well, actually I live in what amounts to semi-tropics so it is pretty much life as usual here. We have to be careful driving though it, and some are in areas where they find it necessary to alter from their normal parking arrangements by taking their car to higher ground but otherwise, it usually is ok.

      In fact, there are times when the water disappears almost as fast as it comes. Bear in mind though, that part of New Orleans, where i live, is actually below sea level so some interesting things do happen from time to time.

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