R.I.P Thoughts (My Good bye )

So Thoughts is finally dead huh? I sure am gonna miss you ol’friend, we spent the better half of seven years with together. Looks like ill be saying good bye to all my memories and friends how bitter that feels. Here’s hoping Thinkr is a good replacement if not its going to be hard times. ( what a sad day)

9 thoughts on “R.I.P Thoughts (My Good bye )”

  1. It was sad to see it closed. But to have Ben open this place for people who still wanted somewhere to come post and engage in discussion and have a little fun was nice.
    Yes…we are a work in progress here at Thinkr but we have hope we will get it right.
    Just be a little patient.

    I am glad you are here.

    1. im glad to be here and be able to go though the growing pains with thinkr as we watch it blossom into a place of conversation and friendship you have all my patients in the world 🙂

  2. i feel your pain because thoughts was my friend when I felt alone. Thinkr is ok but it’s difficult to get people to speak and post what it is they feel in fear of getting reported or kicked off. Outside of that I’m getting the hang of it. Wish we could just post without that readability because your blog has to be topic specific and text corrected to even be readable.

    1. I know and because of that im going to let this place run it course and just checking in every now and again to see how its doing and try to find a full time place to share so far no luck thoughts was kinda my life lol itll be hard to match

      1. Yeah it will be hard to match but hats a part of life. Can’t compare everything or you’ll be disappointed. I look forward to see where this site can go but a chance is needed and people like you who desire to share their pains, pleasures and viewpoints a

  3. I enjoyed Thoughts, it kept me company when I needed a little venting, or share some thoughts/opinions/advice. A nice place I met some terrific people, of whom I hope most are here and I “see” them again around here and there.
    I look forward to this site and seeing how it will grow an change, all for the better I am trusting. And maybe, just maybe eclipse the old joint that was know as Thoughts.

  4. I am upset about this as well. I had a lot of memories and thoughts was a place where I could vent and I was confident with the things I wrote and It felt nice to write and I’m thankful for thinkr.. but it’s not the same as thoughts. I sure will miss it.

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