Queen Bee

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The Queen Bee rules all. But amongst her subjects, lives a keen & clever fox. The fox makes life…interesting, if not difficult.

In this kingdom, all live & die by the Golden Rule. All, except the fox. The fox questions everything & refuses to conform. As a rule, the Queen values diversity and prides herself on having an open mind. As a result, the fox must live & thrive.

But the Queen lays awake at night when the fox is most active. She worries what will happen to her pure & nearly perfect empire. An empire with just one dark streak across its domain.

This Queen was born of the utmost integrity. A bee on the level of the nymph that cared for the infant Zeuss. Caring, nurturing, astute, just, honorable, and as sweet as bee pollen covered in honey.

The Queen knows of the fox’s nature and adventures. She knows of the sway that the fox can and will affect upon anyone she chooses (even the Queen). But above all of these things, she knows that she cannot exist without the fox & the fox cannot exist without her.

As the fox’s darkness reaches a new height, the outcome, this time, is the most uncertain it has ever been.


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