Prude city…or not

I ddon’t know how to begin this one because just hinting at this topic seems to inflame people.

I consider myself a very tolerant, accepting and open minded individual. Progressive on steroids but excess in personal adornment, particularly of the tattoo and piercing variety has always been a bitter pill for me to swallow.

I have always explained it away by noting that I have Aspergers Syndrome, which seems to carry the baggage of many “co-morbids,” including having difficulty with loud noises, strong scents, bright and ostentatious presentations etc.

So tattoos and piercings, along with excessive rings, bracelets, necklaces…you get it…

All the above are very overwhelming and intrusive to my senses. Almost to the point being obscene and vulgar.

But I honestly do not try to judge people f over these things. Honestly cannot afford to. Almost every niece and nephew I have in my family are very heavily into tattoos specifically.

I am the elder uncle in the family. The last of a bloodline, which means all of zero to me, but I think we all mutually have an understanding that this is a position of some status, deserving certain degree of reverence, whether I like it of desire it or not.

So I try to be true to the expectations, and keep my tongue in my mouth.

I think everyone knows I am not into it all, and they all do tease me mildly, asking when I am going to get “inked” making suggestions and even offering to pay for any tattoo I might relent to.

All in good fun, of course. Never going to happen.

But every picture any of them post on social media, is so,by my standards, “in your face” it gets tedious to be honest.

Every in person gathering like an assault on my senses because they all so heavily identify by their markings, and take such great pride in showing and talking about them.

And the whole time, I feel, quite seriously like I come from another planet…

Ahhh, plants to water on patio. Contemplation in a slow evening breeze.

Searching for self for no-self, lost and confused, dazed, blazed and befuddled.


Not news.

<heavy sigh>……

3 thoughts on “Prude city…or not”

  1. I have a Grand Nephew who has Aspergers Syndrome. I can relate to all you wrote.
    But he loves a wild hairdo….especially if it looks like the band members of his favorite band in the moment. It was blue a few years ago.
    I don’t get a big hug when I see him….I get a shoulder bump and I am ok with that shoulder bump. He attended therapy sessions most of his life and if anyone met him…they would never guess he has it. His little quirks most likely will always be with him.
    I learned earlier on that I couldn’t tease him or joke around with him the way I did with my sons. He didn’t understand what I meant or how I meant it and there would be dead silence from him.
    He loves a good road trip so he can listen to his music with the wind in his face. So last summer I went to pick him up to spend a few weeks here with me before school. I rented a big SUV with a sunroof so we could keep it open all the way. But my mother ended up coming along so we had to keep everything closed and music down for her. Not the way I had planned it….but I was glad I got to spend time with her too.
    We did some good school clothes shopping before he went back.
    He will be 15 in August.

    And nothing wrong with being a prude. I have been called one most of my life. I just don’t share my wild side with many ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. i don’t care for tatoos or piercing either. Well, most of the time, however I don’t have the the issue you do with Asperagers…(or don’t think so anyway) so with me, it really just taste.

    However, I must say that I am begging to get used to them and barely react to a nose ring etc. I still notice when it gets extreme but not a more simple array.

  3. I have never had a problem with tattoos or piercings or wild colors of hair for that matter (mine is currently blonde on top and pink on the bottom layer). My oldest daughter (18) has a belly button ring and a nose piercing. I find these things to be just a form of self expression and completely harmless. I can certainly respect and empathize with your point of view and the reasoning behind it though. I have a nephew with Aspergers.

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