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Prophet Muhammad realistic and Angelic sayings heart-felt even in present and farthest future.


Here Prophet Muhammad has signified what is alm or charity of mind and alms and charity of wealth.

Prophet Muhammad prophesied just half decade away Era as soon as digital currency takes place of page notes currency and investing in them will return You either legal Profit earned from stock business or will pay you doubled amount than normal profit or usury





and other precious ornaments

bitcoin Binance investments are transforming people life and alleviating poverty.

Know that this worldly life is no more than play, amusement, luxury, mutual boasting, and competition in wealth and children. This is like rain that causes plants to grow, to the delight of the planters. But later the plants dry up and you see them wither, then they are reduced to chaff. And in the Hereafter there will be either severe punishment or forgiveness and pleasure of Allah, whereas the life of this world is no more than the delusion of enjoyment.

Surah Al Hadid Al Quran

Al Quran is clear about your financial


First meet your own financial obligation than finance charity or alms to those whom you support.

budgeting is a decree to avoid bankruptcy or financial crisis.

Wealth should remain in circulation Invest your money in profit oriented well Portfolio business stock and take aside alms. Reinvest your net profit and keep the money in circulation.

Monotheistic believer and worshipper

and every time praiser and rememberer of Almighty

The one that rejected intercourse offer of a beautiful lady without marriage bond

makes him a true bondsman.

Never leave weak part of your flesh and blood on the streams of ruthless time

In my country 99 percent addicted idles belong to this category.

Even if they are not willing to addict

psychiatric clinics psychedelic them where they act as subjects of. Mouse experiments.

A skillful women is obligatory to contribute in home’s economy as well as country’s economy

Holy Prophet S.A.W And Hazrat Khajida R.A is first instance of pious invitation love and marriage

Prophet Muhammad used to trade for her she initially acted as boss

Honest trading

intelligent bargaining

profitable deal



firmed his integral image as honest

and sensible profit earning trader.

but for all this Hazrat Khadija Financed him

transferred power of attorney to him

and entitled as her tangible and intangible assets to him and bearing severity of circumstances in shaib e abi talib bycot she fell ill and departed.

she stood with him through thick and thin

he did not married again before her departure

She immediately embraced Islam and her Jewish scholar cousin confirmed it is Gabriel that revealed on your heart. This angel used to reveal Jesus ISA christ.

Women are your ornament and you are their ornament

A skilled women within limits can support her husband and contribute his economy and hand

craft country’s exports in vocational training institutes.

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