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White male, gay or other

What are my pronouns?

He, she, it, hey you

I don’t really care.

Call me what makes you comfie

I really will be okay

and I really don’t much care what country you call home.

We spend lots of time talking

Talking about stuff I don’t find important

Rather spend my time talkin

on how to be kinder

not being triggered by all sorts of shit

More time hugging

Less time worrying

about who to hug.

Being a white privileged male

from humble background

perhaps makes it harder to understand

All the fuss about being different

And being accepted

cause my chip on my shoulder

the big one, that is hard to knock off,

has always been about class and doe

And the other stuff like the shade of your skin

never seemed to matter

It was the rich with class

that hold all the cards

The rest just fighting for their place in the sun

Their place in the sun

alongside my small beam.


June 2021

2 thoughts on “Pronouns”

  1. Nice one. I feel the same. I can’t accept that I am supposed to apologize for being something that other’s have chosen to assign to me, even although I am not what they seem to think.

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