Prepare For the Golden Age

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What has the Democrat controlled House done this year for the American People? Nothing, zilch, nada. The only thing this House has done is try to impeach Pres. Trump. In spite of absolutely no evidence of any crime by the Mueller special counsel, the House persists in trying to impeach Trump.

The question is why? Why keep flogging a dead horse? Why tie up the Media with baseless allegations, made up “whistle blowers”, and allegations? Why not do something about infrastructure, health insurance, and Social Security?

The answer is really quite simple.

The Democrat controlled House is a Deep State controlled House. The Deep State knows that Pres. Trump is going to drain the swamp; in other words they know he will upset their apple cart of corruption.This corruption runs deep on all levels of government; local, state, and Federal levels.

Pay close attention to those in government, and ex-positions in government. Those who scream the loudest for Pres. Trump’s impeachment, are those whose crimes will be exposed the most.

They are in a panic. They know that if Pres. Trump is not removed, all of their crimes against America, humanity, and the World will be exposed, and they will all face the consequences.

All that has been hidden, will be known. When this happens, we can all thank Pres. Trump, and his allies “The White Hats”.

The restoration on the American Republic is at hand. Prepare for the Golden Age.

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