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Hello thoughts! I’m now offering a premium managed SEO service on my website dedicated to search engine optimization

As most all of you already know, and for those who may not, I’ve been a worldwide leader in iGaming SEO for 20 years now.

After more than two decades of learning the subtle differences between each and every search engine core algorithm update I’ve become highly educated on all matters of SEO.

This premium managed SEO service extends far beyond the typical search engine optimization packages available online.

Those other SEO services usually cover social media marketing and digital marketing services but do not provide you with the white glove VIP service and customized search engine optimization plans that needs to be tailor fit to your business needs.

Enterprise SEO

Enterprises need SEO too, its just a much larger scale!

Enterprise search engine optimization is a beast to tackle…

This large scale market opportunity into Enterprise SEO and Ecommerce SEO presents search engine optimization specialists with a fascinating search marketing opportunity.

The long tail search curve represents a massive SEO arbitrage opportunity as the long tail Ecommerce search queries are less competitive and greater in volume than their much more competitive high volume search terms.

Understanding how all of this works at scale on a granular level is where I excel in my work and why you should consider using my premium managed SEO services for your next Enterprise search engine optimization project.

My deep understanding of how users search and ability to properly analyze search data to develop an effective keyword research and development strategy brings immense value to Enterprise SEO plans.

Shopify SEO - Seach Engine Optimization

Shopify SEO

The trend with Ecommerce keeps going up and Shopify is currently owning over 30% of the online retail shopping market.

Having a custom Shopify SEO strategy developed by an expert is the only way to move forward with developing your Shopify search engine optimization strategy in 2020-2021.

I’m actually relatively new to Shopify platform FYI in all transparency…

I’m far more experienced with WordPress CMS and WooCommerce SEO.

However, recently I’ve started studying the search market and doing some competitive market analysis on Shopify ecommerce sites in the search engines results pages (SERP) to get an idea of the competition.

WooCommerce SEO

I’ve been developing on WordPress for years and I’m more experienced with WooCommerce platform than I am accustomed to Shopify’s ecommerce platform. is developed on WordPress in fact. The WP CMS is an incredibly powerful content publishing tool.

If you’re looking for an actual SEO specialist… You’ve found me ๐Ÿ™‚

Contact me on to discuss setting up your plan for search engine content marketing success in 2020-2021.

FYI: You can also email me at

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