Prayers for St Louis

I am sending out prayers and light to all those involved in the protests in St Louis tonight.

My prayers for the moving protest crowd… that they may feel some peace that their voice has been heard and that they make good choices to keep the demonstration “peaceful”.  I find it sad that already some have chosen to debase themselves and chose to destroy property and strike out at law enforcement.  Both actions have nothing to do with exercising their first amendment rights.

My prayers to the law enforcement officers on the line, facing the crowd that seems to grow angrier as the night goes on.  I pray that they protect each other, they rely on their training for responses and that their “supervisors” calling the shots make smart decisions on the instructions they give their officers that will de-escalate the situation.

Lastly, my prayers go out to all the dispatchers working non-stop at their radio or 9-1-1 mic’s tonight.  May God send you peace and calming as you do your job.  I am well aware NOTHING is worse for a dispatcher to hear than the sound of one of her own officers/medics/firefighters calling for assistance, that they have been injured on a scene.  NOTHING.  The sounds are ones you never forget.    My prayers also extend to cover the dispatcher’s “supervisors” that they make smart choices on resources.  It is my hope that “supervisors” see the benefit in sending all working dispatchers to counselors to debrief afterwords.

LORD, please watch over and protect all involved during this demonstration and get them all home safe and sound to their loved ones.



6 thoughts on “Prayers for St Louis”

  1. I was married to a police officer for 19 years it is amazing even back in the mid 70’s there was a group that were targeting police officers. Sadly there are those who would want to do them harm. The officers have a bullseye on their backs. I am shaking my head as I write this wondering why this is happening over and over again and those who are in power do not put their collective foot down and put a stop to this insanity you and I both know it could be squashed because of who is causing the disruptions. SIGH!

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