Politically correct / Not Politically correct

This is going to be a different kind of blog. There will be times when it will be politically correct and there will be times when it will not be politically correct. It is and will be, however, my opinion of things of things that are going on in the United States in the past, right now and what is to come. I would love and do indeed welcome your comments. I am a pretty easy going guy, but I have two requests and one rule. First the requests. #1: please try not to swear / use foul language. While I do believe in freedom of speech, I would prefer no swearing. We can have some really great discussions that do not require swearing. #2; Please be respectful of other people’s opinions. You do not have to agree with other people’s opinions but I ask that you please be respectful of them like they should be respectful of your opinions. Now the rule, and this is iron-clad, do not bash other people if they state an opinion that you do not agree with. I have seen it happen before, heck it has happened to me before. If you do bash someone because they state an opinion that you do not agree with, you will be issued a warning and your response will be pulled. That will happen twice. If it happens a third time, there will be no warning. I will tell you what you did wrong and I will not allow you to reply to any opinions on this blog for 30 days. After 30 days, if you do it again, you will be permanently barred from replying to anything on my blog. Now, having gotten rid of the legal stuff, let’s have some fun and some really great discussions ok? The fun starts tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Politically correct / Not Politically correct”

  1. Hello Brian Hill and welcome to Thoughts.

    One of the principle philosophies of this site is that we should all be respectful to one another when posting or commenting. Please read the “One Love Philosophy,” the link is at the top of the page. From what I’ve read of your introduction it seems that you’re already ‘in tune’ with it.

    I hope you enjoy your time at Thoughts.

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