Please Don’t Ignore the Children from the Border

Make it stop. Make it fucking stop. Mine and your problems means nothing in the face of a child who is suffering. You are who they are looking to for help. You are their symbol of hope. You are their voice and action. You are the one they are praying PLEASE to, to stop their pain. They need our help. There are children RIGHT NOW at the border and being transported away with total strangers for trafficking. You have every opportunity to keep your eyes OPEN for these children. If you see a child who looks suspiciously displaced, PLEASE don’t ignore them.. please.

2 thoughts on “Please Don’t Ignore the Children from the Border”

  1. I have had to read this a couple of times. The emotional call for moral diligence is there but only in the context of “at the border”.

    Human trafficking is a major problem across this nation not just “at the border”. If illegal immigrants and accompanying children is your cause, all well and good for you. I am more concerned with it as a national problem than just a border problem, and it didn’t start today or yesterday…

    1. I completely agree with everything you’ve just said, however, some are probably not very far away still. There could be plenty of action being taken right now to get those children back and I was just raging about this last night because I have to sit this out, again, all the way on the other side of the country. Being a mother myself, I’ve been involved with bringing awareness about trafficking children for years, and nobody wants to hear it. This is the one thing that I am hoping will tip people over to recognize the real problem that occurs EVERYWHERE, not just at the border..although the borders are where it happens a lot more than somewhere like Kansas. The attention should be focused on those kids right now.. it being a global problem does not take away from those kids being freshly stolen in masses right before our eyes. I hope and pray people seriously take aggressive action on this.

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