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Play free slots casino games at Lucky Land Slots in 2023

Lucky Land Slots

As most of you already know I run an online casino affiliate marketing business and have been working as a casino affiliate since 2001. That typically involves write reviews of internet casinos but this time I’ve got an innovative idea I’m going to explore and see whare it goes.

2023 has been a year of innovation. For both AI and for myself personally.

I created many business foundations this year so far. Most of them have been in the emerging filed of artificial intelligence. However, that didn’t stop me from creating the foundations for a handful of casino sites.

Most recently I decided to take a different spin on the online casino marketing topic.

Instead of promoting a real money online casino where you can win and LOSE real cash.

Why not just build a community for casino players seeking the fun of online gambling without the risk?

That’s exactly what I’m doing – I’ve created a free casino in essence where you can play free slots online and free mobile casino games on your mobile device.

The new free slots destination is Lucky Land Slots and you must be 21 years or older to play the casino games and free online slots games.

Lucky Land Slots Casino

Lucky Land Slots (LLS) is up and running on the domain name – you try it now and please share your feedback by leaving a comment here on

My goal is to add at least 1 new free casino game each week, mostly slots games.

I’ll be looking for online slots with bonus rounds, free spins, scatter symbols and more.

Thank you very much for your feedback on what you like about Lucky Land Slots and what you don’t.

Your comments, feedback & suggestions will help me and the team to develop a better free casino community on Lucky Land Slots Casino.


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