Pictures from Cades Cove—in the Mountains of East Tennessee 2008

Just some random pictures taken during a trip to see my best friend in Nashville who had recently moved to the mountains of
East Tennessee. I never did get used to where she lived on the side of a hill, but enjoyed some of the Federal Park, I think Federal) that had a section called Cades Cove.

It was an old community that they had preserved with building left like they were in the old days…but will lots of land and animals as well.


8 thoughts on “Pictures from Cades Cove—in the Mountains of East Tennessee 2008”

  1. Very nice pictures of East Tennessee. Seeing pictures of places you’ve never been to always look different than how your imagination paints them.

  2. I want to visit! LOVE your pictures. LOVE the way they use rocks as the foundations of these buildings. Funny you mention your friends home in the side of the mountain because we are discussing building a home in the side of a hill in South Dakota. I want it close or in the side because I am concerned of the high winds and tornado warnings.

    1. I am terrified of heights, and what scared me the most was that the hill going up was winding and steep, and I was terrified i would back off the hill and wreck. So every time I visited, which was about 3 times including her memorial service after she died, I parked at lot at the strip mall about a mile away and had some of them come and pick me up and take me up the hill in their vehicle. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Smart to park at the mall and have someone take you. I guess that means no visiting my house….cause we are on a side of a steep hill. People are afraid to drive down our driveway because it feels like its straight down…so some delivery drivers will park on top and walk down. The top balcony is almost 4 stories up….maybe a little more. The one my cat fell off. Walking to the back of the house is almost impossible because it is so steep. Almost every house in our neighborhood is like this so the problems are all the same on our neighborhood site. How to get to the bushes on the back property because it can be so dangerous. Some really do tie a rope around their waist and tie themselves to a tree or fence post as they rappel down the hill to cut some weeds.

          1. Flat land? Ha! I’ll send a horse and buggy for you.
            I live in a hilly community that is called. Mt. …… Anyhow….on the top of the tallest Mt. there is a park that has an outdoor theater. So people come from all over the city for events. But being that it is in a residential hilly community there is almost no parking. So every time they have events they have old trollys picking up and dropping off guest from “flat land” at the bottom of the hill. My house is across on another mountain top so I can see all the activity when events are going on. And the last one was so beautiful…they had colorful lights all over the top of the mountain. I took pictures….but I need to take them from the disk from my camera and load them here and you know how much work that is for a princess like me ๐Ÿ˜‰ So just imagine them….ok? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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