PGA The Match: Tournament for Charity

This is just a video of the players jabbing each other. But I am currently watching the tournament and am laughing so much. Tom Brady just hit a Hole and 1 and Brooks Koepka donated $100,000 for that shot. Charles Barkly was egging him on before the hit. Watch it if you can. Great entertainment.

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  1. It’s nice to see famous people like this doing things for charity. I wish I had learned golf. I didn’t seem to have the talent for it. I tried one session in college as a PE credit or at least I think it was in college. Anyway, I do remember that I never once got a ball in the hole. I was a total kutz.

    The only game I have played, even half way well is bowling. I wasn’t any great shakes at me…at least not professional level but I did manage to get a few spares in every game at least, maybe even one or two strikes.

    1. My Grandpa LOVED golf. He passed many years ago…..he was one cool Grandpa. He was born and raised on our reservation in South Dakota. He served in the Navy ….moved his family to California and lived his years out in Los Angeles. He loved the city. But he was also a Cowboy ….raised cows and rode horses everywhere. Anyhow…thats another story for another time. Why I said he was a cowboy was because he LIVED in his Levis and cowboy boots.And he had to leave a few golf courses because my wild Grandpa showed up in his Levis and at that time jeans were not allowed. So he did buy some golfing clothes because he loved the game so much. I remember he hit a hole in 1 and the Course awarded him a trophy which he absolutely loved and shared the picture over and over.
      I sent my sons to golf lessons but it didn’t catch with any of them. Which was fine with me….the usual Baseball/Soccer were draining me already.

      The only sport I grew up involved in since I was 5 was swimming. My whole family was on the same swim teams all our lives. We would spend weekends at the pool because we all competed all day in different events. I stopped swimming when I was a teenager. I wasn’t the best at all strokes. Freestyle and Backstroke were my jives….Butterfly and Breaststroke killed me. But a few of my family members stayed in the sport because they had potential.

      As for bowling. I enjoy bowling. My sons and I were still going up to before the quarantine..maybe once a month when my back wasn’t in therapy that is. I am far from a pro but I can hold my own. I actually beat my sons everytime up until last year. One of my sons got the hang of it and would tie me and sometimes beat me by a few pins. They finally started putting my name on the score board because to see MOM having higher scores was embarrassing for them. We all have our own balls and shoes. My sons bought some expensive balls but still can’t get it. I was going to hire a private coach to give them a few lessons. When I worked we would have bowling tournaments and my friends wife paid for a few private lessons for him and he started to kick butt.
      We will see what happens with the bowling alleys in future.

  2. Well, like I said I was never high level, in fact me and one other person on the league used to compete to see which one was worse. It was a game that we got humor out of it and added to the fun. I bowled, in a league for several years, but eventually stopped enjoying it as I didn’t really jell with the team I was assigned to. in addition, I had bad pain in my back and it just didn’t seem to be worth it anymore. I have thought about going back and trying again but never have.

    You’re saying your grandpa grew up on a reservation makes me think that you might be at least in part Native American. I would be interested in hearing a bit more about that if you should ever feel like writing about it.

    Oh and I had my own shoes and ball also, I think I got up to a 16 pound ball before I quite. I am not sure what I would be able to do if I went back.

    1. 16lbs? That would probably rip my arm off if I tried using that.
      Yes….both my parents are Native American. I have written a few times about it and most likely will again soon.

      1. If you have written about it here, maybe i will dig thought your posts to see if I can find it. Or if you have links. But no urgency either way.

        I just think it might be interesting to see what kinds of things you would taught.

        1. The more I think about it …it may have been on OLD Thoughts….not on Thinkr or New Thoughts. I come from 4 Tribal Bloods…..and my sons father comes from 2 Tribal Bloods so my sons have 6 Tribal Bloods.
          I will write more about it soon.

          1. Wow, that’s a lot. I am new obviously. I knew there was an old thoughts, but assumed this was thinkr, although it did kind of puzzle me why it was called thoughts… ๐Ÿ˜›

            I will look forward to reading about the various cultures the made you….you. ๐Ÿ™‚

            1. Yes…..Old Thoughts was such a great place. So many wonderful people. Hopefully some “more” will find there way back. And hopefully many just found a busy life away from the computer.

            2. I was part of old Thoughts. For 3-4 years anyway I was active in old thoughts, but so frustrated, angry and driven over the rails by the childish, immature trolling of one particular member who is still active here, for some reason, that I took an action and posted something pretty revolting and disgusting that I was banned. I knew this post would get me banned, but was so tired of being harrassed and badgered by that member (still active) that management allowed to run rampant on the site that I felt I had no choice.

              1. You have wonderful points to make but sometimes we have to ignore the ignorant to make a bigger point.
                I know who you are referring and I was about to delete him when he showed up. I have to be fair but I do remember he was banned a few times on Old Thoughts I think for his behavior?
                I can’t emphasize enough…people read Bens One Love Philosophy for his site. DISCUSSION…MATURE DISCUSSION is what he believes can happen on important issues.
                But I am starting to believe in some cases……and with some people…’s impossible.

                1. Monica, nobody and I know each other, and he knows that for the most part, I just my opinion of the truth, and leave others to respond or not as they want. I can ignore those that are intent on being nasty, and have done. And you are correct, in my opinion, some it is just impossible to have any kind of discussion because they are so busy telling you how wrong you, which seems to end up badly for everybody involved.

                  1. YES…..I have seen a few of those in my years of being online.
                    It comes down to knowing MANY adults have their minds made up on issues and there is no bending it….so why they even post about those topics they are set on is beyond me. They bring nothing to the table of discussion. Also from my experience of online discussion forums…the more educated posters are the ones looking for great debate….passionate debate. They do NOT resort to childish banter. Some end up having respect for everyone even though they don’t see things eye to eye.

                    One of my dearest friends is a passionate republican. She can truly get on my nerves….but I love her. We value and love our families deeply….we care about our communities….our belief systems are strong….we connect on important things. Her husband is almost 30 years older than her which blows my mind. But they love each other. AND she thinks Trump is an idiot……but she won’t sway from her party. Maybe that’s why we can keep our friendship…cause I don’t think I can handle anyone blindly following him.

  3. Well, I don’t really to convince….I am not going to change in my beliefs. and don’t expect others to. I just like to articular my “truth”. I don’t understand being a republican to start with. I am a hard core democrat, but mostly because of those two systems, I am more of that…I could be green but consider myself too practical in the current political structure to vote any third party because it is in essence going to end up keeping trump in power.

    I am adamant in my feelings about trump. Actually, a lot of my writing out as a reaction to those writing blogs from the opposite preceptive, and I started “being the bug in their ointment.” Then, because of being proud of some of my posts…and believing that I have worded it well, I save it to other alternative sites, to preserve in case something happens.

    That’s why here, I also post some non-political stuff, because the political stuff is pretty much just me saying what I think…no real “dialogue as such”.

    Which reminds me, I haven’t posted any video’s lately. Might think about doing that soon…

    1. I get it…there was always political debate on the sites I visited and always clashing as well. I guess it’s just kind of disappointing at times to see grown adults resort to childish behaviors/words….such a turn off. I mean…I NEVER experience that in my circles off the internet….NEVER. You put people around a table for dinner and I am so fascinated over the discussion that takes place.
      Not calling you out Lefty…… I enjoy your mix of post.

  4. I agree. I had a personality test one time with a counselor and it was very interesting what they told me. After a few visits, she gave a insightful analysis of who I am as a person, and how my personality works. i can be easy going, or I can be hard core, and blunt and rigid in some ways.

    Her explanation was that I am like a mirror of my surroundings. I was raised with very blunt (that word doesn’t even begin to explain it) people. My mother was a “hater”. Much of the time, she and one or the other of her three sisters were not speaking to each other for extended periods of time (like 5 years). When they disagreed, it was “bloody” and vicious. I was around this starting as a baby, and had one aunt that I could honestly say now that I literally hated for most of my up bringing years. Mom told me every thing they fought about and painted a picture of my being “the problem”.

    This is a long way of saying that I reflect what I get often. That’s why I often don’t engage beyond making my statement and then let the reaction be what it is…and simply move on. If however, I am around people that are willing to debate while respecting each other, that is different and I will discuss. But heated debates are not for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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