Perseid Meteor Shower

The Perseid Meteor Shower is peaking in a an hour or two and we are talking about driving up the mountain to watch for a bit.

When my sons were little we would bundle them up…pack snacks and throw our chairs in and head an hour up the mountain to watch. We would watch for a few hours before heading home. Of course that meant no school for them the next day. Now my sons look forward to these events and head out without a second thought. We went a few weeks ago to see Comet Neowise. We just drove 30 minutes up the freeway and had a good view of it.

I just hopped in last minute and didn’t think to grab my camera…so all I had was my phone to take this picture. Can you see the comet?

2 thoughts on “Perseid Meteor Shower”

  1. ok…just got back and I only saw 6 meteors when we read it would be 100 an hour. So we are going to go again tomorrow earlier. And I took my fancier camera and when I got there discovered my batteries were low and about to die. So….it was just a nice trip up the mountain. It was warm and dry up there.

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