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Perplexed still…

Being perplexed and bewildered is a common theme for me, for various reasons.

Today, technology scrambles my melon thoroughly.

I recently gave up the use of laptops and desktops, having succumbed to a person virus of tablet hoarding. I use tablets for all online activity. Never my phone. That is for emergency communication only.

So, I have now nine tablets, all Samsung. Recently I noticed while purchasing a Kindle book a notification from Kindle that this particular book is being downloaded/installed to “generic person” android device # yada ya ya.

So I’m instantly asking myself, ” how the ya-ya does Kindle know how many android devices I have?” And how and why if Kindle knows how many devices I have why don’t they know that i do not have Kindle installed on every android device? And why dont they know which devices DO have Kindle installed.?

Maybe this partially explains how whenever I do online searches for this or that item or garment I suddenly become besieged with online ads for similar products and items? Sometimes I even start seeing similar ads on my tv for things I have never previously in my life noticed advertisements for..?

Now I am beginning to rethink the term “Big brother is watching..”

My very first online username was “Simplemindeddude”

Chickens coming home to roost.

6 thoughts on “Perplexed still…”

    1. I know I don’t rightly “need” 9 tablets. It’s a mini-hoarding thing I have. Like I don’t “need” the 45 rolls of toilet paper (not COVID related.) I was “hoarding” to long before COVID. Nor do I need 7 rolls of paper towels, 9 bottles of Tide laundry detergent etc, It’s just my quirk. But I use one tablet to store passwords and personal info. One tablet I use for bill tracking, maintenance journaling, medical journaling etc. One tablet is general purpose like for social media, blogs etc. One tablet for traveling short overnight trips. One tablet fo medical stays. One tablet for video and youtube. One tablet for short visits to family olr friends. Two different sizes dedicated to reading and podcasts and the rest backup. I’m single, I live alone. I spoil and indulge myself. I can afford it. I’ve been through a lot. Shoot me.

      1. Nothing wrong with self indulgence if you can afford it. The thing I’m wondering is: with that many tablets at hand how do you identify what each one is used for?

          1. I learned a few years ago to label all my tablets after forgetting PIN to a couple of them and being locked out by Google because I had changed the emails I had used to register the tablets, essentially turning them to paper weights

  1. I think all products share information. I use Apple products and when I sign into any new product everything gets shared and transferred. And we all heard the news stories of Alexa and google listening in on conversations.

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