Perceiving Digital sensory Impressions( My Story)

It was a time when I used to struggle in elaborating and conveying comprehensive meaning to depict its mental play in others mind.
But I hope after inferring it in language of words it may make a better sense.
It looks I have developed Psychedalic Autism because of excessive psychiatric drugs. And much similar to Asperger syndrome symptoms.I used to escorted by family members and if it becomes possible to be immigranted abroad i still needs to be escorted my supports because of lack of security assurance don’t risk that or such wonders might have been worked overseas…
Despite of it today I am typing a strange personal experience
Digital sensory impressions are more imprinting to my perception as compared to the natural sensory impressions.
I perceive better on digital media as compared to natural sensory impressions.
This is short but concise in meaning and depth.
I type….I record……….software speak it in my voice
It’s more communicative than me natural speaking skills.
Accents can be adjusted by adjusting simply voice speed and pitch of voice
Such apps exist isn’t as I have one as well
What is impossible than….
On digital sensory impression it becomes hard for me to lose my focus….while natural sensory impressions drive me preoccupied.
Well I define my Self Today as
‘An autonomous unidirectional Brain ‘
For Supporting Detail there is some narration
I am always observed different than my siblings as when they describe their aesthetic experiences I struggle imaging it in my brain but when I see you tube…Its autonomous…some playing Imaginary that my brain is struggling it starts perceiving digital play.

Short term memory stores sensory impressions for enough time to become available for using to respond to stimuli as desired…but in short term memory impairment you don’t have enough storage so that it make sense that means storage period of sensory impressions is effected….hence nothing properly imprints hence memories are selective
Just signal pass through optical fibres but if fibers get effected singnals not properly reach decoder to be coverted back in voice or imaging waves…in this situation nerve fibers get distort or effected and impluses doesn’t pass in their original strength …hence sensory perceptiveness is impaired…a blow on temporal lobe or injury is most possible cause..and your words will surely fell flat on victim and he would not make sense
But like mobile towers fiberless transmission of artificial impulse with required broadband strength is possible like 4G 5G and so on…
Being sensually independent is subject to growth not development…regrowth of brain is required for this…obviously i never ride or drive you will find the most intimidate people I ever obliged relived mobilized sources for them behind coercion of such ride and drive in form of my final departure…
I see every sensory impression but watch only important impression because these sensory impression are perceived but don’t imprint on short term memory and while recalling it for identification after one time sensory perception second attempt fails to identify again …I have to watch out important sensory impressions while seeing every bit of scene …

But in normal time it was kind of digital recoder that used to play every scene with incidence sequence like a trip movie….I used to F5 It as many timed I wanted it was The day dreaming This digital play in brain abused my feelings and exessive orgasm became sexual problem but I had Iron Liver and excessive vitamin C ….Its complete gun with bullets now
Well by definition i am enable not disabled if i am properly decoded then its environment that is required to be cultured while i am valid

That’s Artificial intelligence that can bring me fully functional in environment

I have no idea who i am

Excessive exposure to natural sensory impressions create cognitive load and I just sleep…

well I have kept this deep obsevation confidential because I am perceived as weirdo with odd Kangroo like body language but hell yeah ….After being Aussie Bastard…they will surely reveal my identity… this is Deep in thought not Weirdo….Welcoming Aussie Kamelia…Romans are paid gratitude for bailing my escort to tour world …I have been repudiated just for whistle blowing about terrible practitioners of white color crimes Now I am tired of day to day issues that my mental health condition is creating Everyday remarks of staff Head teacher humiliation one way communication Such remarks If I am mad how I am that much qualified.

Everyday rebuke of colleagues and uncivilised community violence with complaints…

I am not failing in educating but I am tired of everyday issues that are created in my school.

Lack of compassion from superiors in providing me favourable environment or transferring me to well judged workplace..

I had put my case before world but I don’t know how much I can go How much I can live I have been defamed my mental balance is no normal Mental differently abled people are not by choice special They are special because of crimes of others ……

Digital Sensory impressions are magnified sensory impressions my photoshoot shows how much better my perceptiveness get.

When my younger brother hit my brain with thick stick it did not caused apparent injury but it caused internal perceptiveness damage so that I used to see excessive television And feared my environment because of perceptiveness difficulty when I was asked what is wrong with me I used to reply I feel eya wiya when I miss any show on television

It meant i feel insecure from my environment and when he hit me second time this time it almost blinded me and impaired my short term memory severly effecting my independent locomotion and sense making understanding

It was the reason television serials songs and movies were recorded in my brain where as I did not remember what happened an hour ago

It is callousness that my family today say I did not wanted to get normal but who educate my family brain injuries do the damage and these are irreversible

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