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Pepsi and Coca Cola Decaying my teeth

Well I had pretty nice teeth but soft drinks addiction decayed my teeth I have lost three teeth and one more tooth has started decaying and has half decayed…these black water soft drinks has chemicals that are haphazard for bones my Skelton bones are too weak and these soft drinks increase blood glucose and cause diabetes.

I don’t have any addiction intentionally as I even don’t know where hard drinks and alcohol are sold but soft drinks are commonly sold in market and first cold drink I consumed at the age of 5 and it was RC cola

Consuming 1 bottle of Sting soft drink can cause cirrhosis to your liver.

Soft drinks addiction is like hard drink addiction

Soft drinks are not alcoholic but these have chemicals that will weaker or decay your Skelton bones including your teeth

My teeth are gradually decaying and small injury crack my bones.

My Dad had addicted me with cold drinks at the age of 5

My entire family is coca cola addicted.

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