Pence wearing a MASK?

I don’t want to get all political here but HE IS WEARING A MASK and I am actually happy about it. AND he is encouraging others to do the same. I know it’s a little late in the game but I feel it was a smart move for him to do especially with the virus spiking everywhere.


7 thoughts on “Pence wearing a MASK?”

    1. Well….to some of us IT IS simple. But our President and Vice President have NOT recommended mask over here. They were making claims that the seriousness of Covid19 was a hoax. So to have our VP now encourage wearing mask…..5-6 months into the pandemic? Their followers will not wear them unless they hear it from their leaders. So yeah….it’s a good thing.

      1. I wouldn’t say it was silly. I am not as excited as you were by it since it feels to me a little late in the game, but I would not question your feelings about it.

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