Peace Is the Prize

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There are people who love Pres. Donald Trump. There are people who hate Pres. Trump. Then there are those folks who don’t really know what to think. This short article is for them.

If you are aware it seems that everyone on TV, and other mass media systems hate Donald Trump. If you are paying attention you will also notice that all of the power people in government, both The Dems. and Reps. hate Donald Trump.

Keep looking and almost everyone of your TV and movie personalities hate Donald Trump. Did you notice that most of the Anti-Trumpers are violent toward people who support Trump?

Why do all of these powerful and influential people want you to hate Pres. Trump? What could they ALL have to hide? What could make them so afraid of Pres. Trump?

In spite of all of this Anti-trump hate have you noticed the huge ground swelling support for Pres.Trump at his rallies? How can this be when so many people (supposedly) hate Donald Trump?

There is a mass awakening going on, people realizing that we’ve all been had. We’ve all been lied to for many years.

Remember G.H Bush and WMDs used as a reason to attack Iraq? Now that information is unclassified, and it turns out we were lied to about that.

“It is time for the endless wars to end” – President Trump.

Who in their right mind would not want to put a stop to all wars, especially wars that involve getting Americans killed?

Try to realize that ALL wars are banker’s wars. Bankers, and the Military Industrial Complex make HUGE money during war. These people own and run the Mainstream Media and use them to make us think we need to be fighting wars using subterfuge and lies.

They do not care who dies, or lives the rest of their life without a limb. They do not care if the Agent Orange they used in Viet Nam kills their own soldiers 30 years later. They do not care if the depleted Uranium they shot off in Iraq makes their soldiers infertile, and created a whole generation of radiation deformed babies in Iraq.

It is time for all of the endless wars to end. It is time to put the bankers in jail. It is time to close down the Military Industrial Complex.

President Trump has been building up our military, but he knows that peace can only come through strength, not weakness. Our military, our infrastructure, our production of goods has been purposely weakened by the previous Administrations for the sake of the Globalists and their Socialist agenda.

Peace is the prize! Trump’s plan is to restore America and create world wide peace. Think of this in November 2020.

2 thoughts on “Peace Is the Prize”

  1. Peace through Power. A concept a liberal can’t comprehend. Things don’t always just work themselves out. I want to be a nation of so much power that anyone who screws with us would be the last thing they did. Nip it in the bud, so to speak.

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