Passing Time

I hope everyone is being safe and staying home. What are you all doing to pass the time? Are all of you home or are some of you still working?

I pretty much rearranged my kitchen. I took a week to do it because I was trying to spread it out to occupy my time. I hit half of my garage already and half of my closet. Mind you…they were in pretty good condition before…..but I need to fill this time so I am rearranging , reorganizing, and this and that. I still had my house keeper show up because well….I don’t want to scrub the other toilets. Ha! And I know she still needs income. Since the house was clean she took time to scrub upholstery.

My hair is another story. My grays are singing out loud. Before this lock down got crazy I had an appointment with my hair stylist which I canceled for a few reasons. My shoulder was bothering me and the pain went up my neck. Also….as much as I enjoy my hair stylist I wanted to find a new one. So the shoulder pain kind of helped me take the first step in leaving my guy. Mind you….I have been with Al for over 2 years. I ran into his shop by pure luck at the time. He only had 2 chairs…which I LOVED because I don’t like crowds and don’t like hearing all the salon chatter. He was located a few doors down from my Witch friends business so it wouldn’t be a reach for me to drive to. He was higher end…..double of what I was paying my other hair dresser I was leaving. But when I walked into his cute shop…..turned out he knew me. We apparently went to the same high school. HOW FUNNY IS THAT? He remembered me and my sister and brother. I felt horrible because I couldn’t place him. But knowing we grew up in the same area….knew some of the same people I felt we were destined. But lately….he has expanded his business and was taking on mentees and I felt he was outgrowing me and my simple needs. WHICH is good for him….because this has been his dream. But I am still stuck in the WANT for a small, 2 or 1 chair salon. I think working in the casino world all these years has permanently turned me off to crowds. Anyhow… search was on for a new hairstylist when this Corona business went seriously down so now… grays are very noticeable. I could order my own color and do them myself….but with my shoulder still aching I for some odd reason am ok with the greys. I actually mentioned to my sons….this may be the sign I need to just let them grow and really be natural. But my youngest looked at me with a serious look and said… Ha! I have been wanting to try purple hair….so I might play around with color. Why not….where am I going

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  1. Lockdown is currently the world’s most used term it would seem; just imagine Earth as seen from space with a giant padlock on it. The global situation is grim and it’s getting more real as the days and weeks go by.

    My life is in lockdown too. I have been identified by our NHS that, because of my underlying health issues, my best and safest course of action is to remain isolated at home for at least 12 weeks. I don’t mind staying home for that time period – I have no real problem with that, but the most pressing problem for me is food shopping, yes I could risk going out but as the virus is literally everywhere, I would indeed be putting my life at risk. Our government is putting services for people like me in place to supply food, but everything and everyone is overwhelmed right now so it’s taking time to gain any traction.

    Anyway. . .blue hair! Why not.

    1. My sons in England at the moment. If he was close to you I could have asked him to shop for you.
      I lucked out by ordering groceries a few weeks back when they weren’t so backed up. We made one trip to Costco since and we wore mask. They pretty much had everything stocked except Toilet paper and paper towels. They said you have to get there early for that. But we are ok on those products.
      I get asthma during the spring blooms…..and my lungs wheeze. So I had to dig around for an inhaler yesterday. Something was in the air that made my lungs feel tight. WHICH is a symptom of Corona. SO I doubled my Elderberry dosage and made multiple cups of extra hot Chaga mushroom tea. My sons said I get to paranoid and I just needed to shut the windows. He was right….as soon as I shut the windows my lungs felt better. I tell ya…..getting older isn’t always fun. Things effect me differently.

      Oh…I meant to ask…do you have the NEXT DOOR app or website in your area? Its where you sign up online and you see what’s going on in your neighborhood. Like in ours…..people volunteer to shop for your neighbors and check in to make everyone is safe. People can post they need help and everyone see’s what they can do. Many have fruit trees and leave the baskets on their driveways if anyone wants some. If we see suspicious people we post about it. Lost pets…etc. And only people in your neighborhood see it because when you register they have to mail you a code to your house. That proves you live there.

      And I ordered Lilac hair dye.

      1. Thankfully things have moved on for the better since I posted that comment. I can now get priority slots for online shopping – a service which was totally backed up for weeks until the government stepped in sorted it out. Before that happened I used our local community website to reach out for help, I was overwhelmed by the response!

        After that I got 2 government food boxes delivered to my door: one from local authority, and one from central government. The latter is meant to be free-weekly-deliveries?

        So far so good.

  2. For me it’s pretty much been a typical few weeks as I’m an introverted shut-in, so business as usual, apart from not being able to shop as I used to because of the current restrictions and whatnot but at least it’s an excuse not to go out and talk to people.

    To pass the time has been the usual of doing stuff online; playing Xbox and watching shows on Amazon Prime Video.

    1. I notice I am turning my television on less and less. It’s just case counts and body counts being reported anymore. Oh…but FINALLY they are suggesting mask. I ordered a sewing machine to make some.

      Im an equal intro/extrovert. So for the most part I am ok being in….but once in a while I get an urge to go shopping or volunteer somewhere.

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