My Madeleine Cookies

I’m getting kind of tired of reading the same old same old on our wonderful “One Love” site…so much so that I don’t even read anything having to do with “Covid…Left…right….this …that….” Its going in circles. Its on TV all day if I wanted to learn about that from experts. Its all over my news feed when I sign into my phone. I think we could mash all these Covid/political post into one and no one may notice.

So lets talk about my Madeleine Cookies. I was going to post this in the Food Group…oh wait…talking about groups….why don’t we start a COVID Group…and a POLITICAL GROUP and I will see if it’s possible to move all these post to the designated groups?

Anyhow……my cookies actually came out GREAT. I made some Vanilla ones last week which weren’t as wonderful. Over cooked and the butter wasn’t as great. Butter makes such a difference. I will have to do another post about butter soon because I found what I think may be my new favorite.

Alright…… I must tell on myself.

I used a box mix. Shhhhh

Back when this whole lockdown started and no one could find flour or yeast I ordered pre-made bread mix from Williams Sonoma. I mean…I did have yeast and some flour….but I was worried about the empty shelves at the markets so I did look for more. Anyhow…. I saw the Madeleine mix online when I bought the bread mix so I got some too. Which put me in a dilemma….would a bread maker constitute a valid pandemic purchase? I mean…I already mentioned somewhere that I can’t make bread. But my sister bought a wonderful bread maker at my moms and it is AMAZING. But my household isn’t a bread household. THOUGH I absolutely LOVE fresh baked rolls… one eats them here and of course they aren’t that great for you. But if it came down to it and all we would have to eat was sandwiches……bread is what we would need. Just random thoughts guys. Plus toast is also something else I love….but again….not great for you.