Painful Continuation

I pass my days

Not knowing how to live

Not remembering how I did it

Unsure whether or not,

Ill make it through another day.

It’s too tough

The world consumes me,

In fear and unsureness.

I’m weak

I’m useless.

My mind tells me to cower in fear

And cry in despair

My heart tells me to give up

Stop following a path

That will only hurt me

But it’s the only path

“they” will accept

So what choice do I have?

The heart aches in pain

Knowing I wont fight

Fight the path I was told to follow

Following it with

Every footstep just as painful as the next

I won’t stop

Until I break

Broken soul

Broken mind

Broken heart

Broken life.

Even if I do make my own path

There is no support

And I need that

Because I’m weak

So no

I won’t stop dragging myself

On this path to destruction

I’ll keep hurting myself

Because that’s how it seems,

It’s meant to be

Days pass on

These feelings slowly build up

Until soon

I’ll explode

And it’ll all be over

Maybe then and only then

I’ll be set free

Free from whatever the world forces on me

Free from all the emotions that weigh me down,

In this hellish nightmare I live day to day



Just end it all

I just want freedom

I just want happiness

But in this life of mine

I just cant have that

“So just suffer and shut up

Accept it already!!!”

I’m sorry

I’m really sorry

2 thoughts on “Painful Continuation”

  1. hi there my dear friend. I am weak too…maybe. We suffer a lot, in some way we are strong. To live is not easy. Not sure what is your path, but I wanna be your friend, and we can walk in that path/way…no matter how hard this can be, the idea is …we can be happy because we are together al least in the distance. thanks for write me the mail …

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