It’s sunny today but the world is dark
Full of the pain to which I hark

That darkness is thick as the dead of night
So thick and black it gives me a fright

I fear that it will never reach an end
And I will be unable myself to defend

Pain is the light in this world so black
It permeates all, it cuts me no slack

The pain is welcome o’er the blackness so deep
But it allows me no corner, not even to sleep

It fills me up, keeps the emptiness at bay
It is here for the morrow, it’s moved in to stay

It proves I’m alive for as long as I hurt
That means I am not planted in the dirt

The pain is everything, it’s all that I own
It is my world, for which I’ll never atone

It brings on the tears streaming down like rain
All that I see, all that I have, is this damn pain

I would cut off an arm to make it go away
But it looks like the pain is here to stay

Heartache is the worst pain by far
I wish it gone, I wish on a star

But it will never leave me be
It’s here to stay don’t you see?

Screw it I’m done, I can take no more
I hate this pain, it is such a bore

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  1. Crap. Pretty sure I’m not doing this right. I recognized your name and I’m not a fan of your poem and if you know me, you’ll not care. What I am is testing this new site. Wanna help me?

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